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graphic planners1

Graphic Planners Has a New Website From Launch Digital Marketing

Launch Digital Marketing is excited to announce that Graphic Planners’ brand new website is now live. read more

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google 360

We have all used Google’s Street View feature at some point to zoom in on a city street or point of interest and “walk around” via our web browser like we were actually there. read more

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Global success concept

Meanwhile, the local guy with his flip camera and a trustworthy demeanor keeps plugging along, well past 1 million views and counting.

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Television and internet production technology

2013 Agency Reports Paint Digital Video Advertising as an Industry in Flux

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a TV in your living room — but you don’t use it for watching cable television. read more

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genesis heath logo

Genesis Therapy Center now has a brand new website built by Launch Digital Marketing! The Oak Forest-based organization has provided support, counseling, therapy, and assessment services for individuals, couples, organizations, and families since it was founded in 1987. read more

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Computer with tools

No matter what field you work in, one of the struggles of maintaining an active web presence can be continuously coming up with new and fresh ideas for your blog

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