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Project Management

As a project manager, a lot of my job has to do with trafficking tasks across internal teams and coordinating efforts between those teams to meet deadlines. This is something I love about project management—I get to stay behind the scenes, but I’m still very involved in the day-to-day activities of all of our teams. read more

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Digital Marketing Mix

To get your business online, you built a website—but now that you have a site, how do you get people there? And what does it take to turn website visits into phone calls and customers walking through the door? read more

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Examples of favicons

A favicon (short for favorite icon) is a small, 16×16-pixel image displayed to the left of a URL in most modern web browsers. Depending on the browser, a favicon may also appear next to the website name in a list of web bookmarks. read more

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I’ve recently been training a new editor, and, in addition to various rules that must be followed for different clients, many of our discussions revolve around the use of keywords. read more

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Domain Fun Facts

Building a new website for your business is exciting. As you plan your new site, you may consider a redesign and maybe even a rebranding. As part of this process you may decide to move your new website to a different domain. read more

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facebook icon

In November, Facebook rolled out star reviews for business pages. Here at Launch, we’ve received a lot of questions about this new rating system and what it means for businesses, so below we’re going to attempt to answer some of the more frequently asked questions. read more

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