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Digital Marketing Terms

During my first month working at Launch, there were a lot of key terms and lingo I had never heard before. The world of digital marketing and web development is filled with technical terms, slang, and acronyms, and it took me almost one year on the job to start fully understanding what each meant and why it was important. read more

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I didn’t want to end up slaving away my Saturdays to an Office Space, Bill Lumbergh type villain… I found the answer in Launch Digital Marketing.

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If you free yourself from technology for a bit, you are able to change perspectives and truly detach yourself… a digital detox might be just what you need.

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Launch Page Rank Porter

See What Launch is Brewing…Literally.

Yes, that’s right Launch has been hard at work staring at our computers all day and in our down time homebrewing!

During a company lunch with craft beers on our minds and in our glasses, a Launch homebrew discussion was almost inevitable. read more

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