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As I sit here working on client campaigns in the latest Chicago “polar vortex,” I started thinking about how important it is to work through the “flurry” and focus on the eye of the storm. read more

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Determining your digital marketing strategy can be difficult; especially if you’re marketing a seasonal business. Your long-term marketing (organic) and short-term marketing (paid) need to align to ensure maximum return on investment (ROI) and no dollar is wasted. read more

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AdWords for Dummies  Smart Business Owners

What have you done for yourself lately?  You have business objectives……You have a website.  Hopefully you even have an ad budget. read more

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computer cookie

…he’s probably going to ask for your purchase history.

Have you ever noticed when you’re on Facebook or YouTube and the ads are customized to something you were looking at the day before? read more

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Direct Response Marketing

What is the holy grail of marketing your business online? Think about it :: what type of marketing strategy would increase your bottom line the most? Let’s take a look at the future of search engine marketing.

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Google AdWords Express Photo

Simply put, NO. At least not according to Google. Google AdWords Express is for merchants/businesses that would like to have a Google AdWords account but simply don’t have the time nor resources to dive into Google Adwords. read more

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