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google 360

We have all used Google’s Street View feature at some point to zoom in on a city street or point of interest and “walk around” via our web browser like we were actually there. read more

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Google's Knowledge article Graph stock image

Panda, Penguin and now the Knowledge Graph? What? If it were my full time job to keep up with these guys (it kind of is) then I would be wondering what’s next? Truth be told the Google Knowledge graph is nothing like the Panda or Google’s Penguin update. read more

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Time to Learn - Clock

IN an effort to make the next Search Social WordPress and Beyond Meetup as informative as possible, we are asking you for a little help. Please take a few quick seconds and fill out this poll if you live in the Chicago area and would like to attend our next FREE event. read more

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Google Plus

Wow! There’s a lot of hype in the interwebs regarding Google +1. Rightfully so as Google +1 is poised to steal away some market share from Facebook. Google’s aim is to provide the best search results to their users. read more

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Google + for Business

Google +1 for businesses is coming around the corner. Does this mean goodbye to the Facebook Fan page we all pulled our hair out to try and optimize while learning FBML (shoot me)? read more

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Google Plus and Facebook Data

A common misconception is that Google uses Facebook “shares” and “likes” in their algorithm for SERP (search engine results pages). They do not. read more

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