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showing a car

A few years ago I decided to buy a bike to get around town and force myself to get a little exercise every so often. I hadn’t ridden a bike in at least 15 years and knew absolutely nothing about them — how to choose the right size frame, how many gears you need for commuting, strengths and weaknesses of each different major brand. read more

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seo content

Whether you’re creating a brand new website or your current one is getting a facelift, you can use the tips below to ensure your site launch is as smooth and error-free as possible. read more

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quality content

One of my writing teachers in college always used to say, “It doesn’t matter what you’re saying — it’s whether you can sell it.” While you can follow proper SEO best practices all day long (and that may help draw some traffic), content is ultimately king. read more

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Leads to Sales Conversion

I have been at Launch Digital Marketing for two and a half months. It has been a great experience so far in a number of different ways, and one thing I’ve greatly appreciated is the emphasis on learning and collaboration. read more

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I recently took an eager co-worker of mine, Matt, to the airfield to ride along with me while I conducted training to acquire my pilot’s license. For those that haven’t had the opportunity to do so, flying a plane is complicated. read more

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Max,Rand Fishkin and Ben at SEO Moz Conference

Last week I received a phone call from a prospect named Tom who wanted help with SEO. Tom owns a website selling stock trading advice. About 15 seconds into the introduction…

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