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In November, Facebook rolled out star reviews for business pages. Here at Launch, we’ve received a lot of questions about this new rating system and what it means for businesses, so below we’re going to attempt to answer some of the more frequently asked questions. read more

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While doing my Christmas shopping this year, I found myself turning to online customer reviews for those purchases that were going to set me back more than a few bucks. read more

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klout score

What is Klout? Klout is a mobile and website app that measures users’ online influence (the ability to drive action). In other words, Klout measures your ability to influence other people to do stuff – pretty impressive! read more

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people tagging

It is important to have a concrete strategy before you start any marketing campaign, and social media is no different. When you are getting started, ask yourself what your goal is. read more

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liking on facebook

Have you ever wondered why certain friends and stories pop-up in your Facebook News Feed? Then you think of a Facebook friend that you haven’t seen anything from in a while and wonder why? read more

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graph search

If you’re like me, you get all kinds of useful information from posing questions in your Facebook News Feed. Till now, getting information on Facebook has been limited. read more

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