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I love watching documentaries. Tuesdays when new movies typically debut I flock to iTunes or Netflix to see what’s new in the Documentary genre.

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More than ever we know what Google is looking for to improve website search engine rankings.

Matt Cutts, head of Google’s search quality team, let out the big secret June 6th at SMX Advanced in Seattle during his keynote speech.   read more

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Have your customers been able to submit a review on your Google Places page in the last week of May? Chances are the answer is “no”.

In fact, for the last 30 days, Google Places functionality has been quite finicky. read more

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You have heard the buzz about it. You like the idea of it even though you may not know the details. You may think it’s a new era of website design and functionality. You are right. read more

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“Vroom vroom, buy a new car at Bob’s Car Depot today!” How did Bob know I was looking for a new car? Right after I saw this commercial, I pulled out my laptop and started searching Bob’s Car Depot. read more

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End of the iphone

Since purchasing the mobile division of Motorola, Google is extremely motivated to improve the way we communicate. The Android platform is a formidable opponent to the iPhone which continues to expand markets due to integrations with the Sprint and Verizon networks. read more

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