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Universal Analytics Example

Last week Google rocked the Analytics community with the release of the long anticipated Universal Analytics. Universal Analytics is complex in implementation but enables marketers to track virtually any interaction…

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Magnifying Glass Website Analysis

Looking for increased web traffic from search engines? Wondering how to attract more customers or clients through organic search? Of course, if your website isn’t indexed, your customers won’t find you in Google, Bing, or other search engines.

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reviews checklist image

Big Changes in Google’s Algorithm May Have Changed Your Reviews!

In the wake of recent Google algorithmic updates, businesses across the country find themselves in a state of dismay. read more

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Read it for me screenshot

If you’re like me—which you probably are—in the sense that time has become one of your most precious commodities, then I have a GREAT find for you. It’s called Read it for Me. read more

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Did you know that there are several shortcuts that you can use when searching Google? This week’s tip will examine “site search”.

Site search is the ability for the search engine to query one specific website rather than the entire web. read more

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