e-SENS Website Launch


The company’s new web presence is the result of a fruitful partnership with the Chicago-based SEO company Launch Digital Marketing.

e-SENS has a new website thanks in part to their partnership with Launch Digital Marketing of Chicago. e-SENS has made a name for itself by selling products to both municipal water plants and bottling companies; of particular note are their advances in solid-state semiconductor technology and their “lab-on-a-chip” products, which enable multi-parameter profiling of potable water in a fast, accurate, and, most importantly, efficient way.bottled water on a production line

Their business is a leader in their field, and while it’s not a flashy enterprise, e-SENS recognizes that having a standout presence on the internet is crucial for the success of any business — that’s where Launch Digital Marketing comes in. Said Michael McCorqodale, PhD, President, Chief Operating Officer, and co-founder of e-SENS, “Launch engaged us as we were evaluating several firms for website and marketing collateral development. What caught our eye was several high-quality logos that they sampled to win our business. From there, we were sold.”

Launch Digital Marketing has already established an impressive track record of success, and it’s in large part due to their commitment to and understanding of their clients and their clients’ products. Added Dr. McCorqodale, “What further impressed me was that we are in a bit of an obscure high-tech hardware space, solid-state chemical sensors…. Launch did an excellent job understanding our product, market, and creating an appropriate patina for our business including the website, business cards, and other marketing collateral. Because of that, every customer or investor that visits our site immediately knows our business without reading a word. Consequently, I highly recommend Launch.”

Joe Chura, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Launch Digital Marketing, echoed the positive sentiments, saying, “It was a great opportunity for Launch to work with such a well-established entrepreneur. I am looking forward to future projects with E-Sens.”

e-SENS is based in Research Park in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is among the leading producers of cutting-edge silicon-based microfabricated solid-state chemical sensors. Their products are based on over three decades of research. e-SENS is proud to present their new and improved website for all of their current and future customers.

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