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Position: Global is a new company that assists businesses in finding new ways to communicate with their customers.

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Launch Digital Marketing is proud to announce the launch of Position: Global’s new website. Position: Global is dedicated to helping logistics companies communicate with their established customers and gain a foothold with future customers. They do this by finding new ways for businesses to market themselves, as well as assisting logistics firms in coming up with and implementing new strategies for communicating socially, digitally, and via print with their customer base.

Position: Global founder Scott Case praised the Launch team’s efforts to help them reach a wider audience with the newly designed site: “Launch Digital Marketing seamlessly blends the need to be social, to be found, and the aesthetics of great design and execution in their websites… In designing Position Global’s site, they recognized the need for interaction with our visitors and paid close attention to providing people a forum to participate in the topics of discussion.”

Launch is a digital marketing company based in Chicago that specializes in website development, SEO, SEM, advanced analytics, social marketing strategies, and conversion optimization. CEO and Co-Founder Joe Chura said, “Position: Global will be a force in logistical marketing and consulting. We are proud to be on the forefront.”

Of utmost importance to Launch’s website design efforts is ensuring that a client’s brand identity is clearly and creatively represented online. Case notes that “Launch Digital Marketing makes building that identity and look the core of their planning process, and it continues in the execution and deployment of the site.”

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