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Tip of the week: Site Search

Written on February 25, 2012 by Posted in Tip of the week

Did you know that there are several shortcuts that you can use when searching Google? This week’s tip will examine “site search”.

Site search is the ability for the search engine to query one specific website rather than the entire web. If you have found yourself going to a specific website and then relying on that website’s search functions then you are taking the long road.

For example, if I am searching for coat racks in Amazon, instead of going to and then searching, I take a shortcut. Here’s how you do it:

2)Type in the search field coat racks
Google Site Search

The first result in Google will be

As you will see it’s exactly what I was looking for.

Please note that if you search without a “www” like I did in this case you will search every indexed page within that site on the root domain, meaning you may find a or other subdomains.

As an extra bonus tip, if you want to see the latest products or information use the filter on the left  and click “more search tools”. You will then be able to filter your search by last hour, week, month or year. This is especially useful for news and maybe just newer items on an e-commerce website.

Googles Site Search

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