Here’s a post for all my fellow paid search advertisers out there!  Believe it or not, I’ve received several* requests to write some search engine marketing jokes. So, by popular demand**, I leave you with the greatest*** list of paid search jokes ever written!


  1. How do you get people to notice you online?
    1. You have to really make an impression
  1. Knock Knock, Who’s There?
    1. No one because your average position is a 6.8.
  1. What is a movie director’s favorite part of a paid search ad?
    1. The call to ACTION!
  1. What did the paid search advertiser say to the potential customer?
    1. You just got served!
  1. AdWords? More like AdDon’tgettoowordybecauseyouonlyhave70characters
  1. What do religion and paid search advertisers have in common?
    1. They really want people to convert.
  1. What do you call a landing page on a tropical island?
    1. A Destination URL
  1. What do trampolines and bad websites have in common?
    1. A high bounce rate
  1. Why do cab drivers make good paid search advertisers?
    1. They can really drive in traffic
  1. What is Yellow Tail Wine’s favorite keyword match type?
    1. Exact


Thanks everyone for having a read and hope you got a chuckle or two out of my jokes!


**Seriously, no one asked me to do this


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Buffy is a Paid Search Engine Specialist at Launch Digital Marketing. She recently graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in Advertising and a minor in Communication. Buffy enjoys Mexican food, The Bachelorette, and traveling to different countries.