With over one billion daily active users, it’s more important than ever for your dealership to be present on Facebook. Potential customers often scope out a business’s social media profiles before buying, and an inactive or non-existent Facebook page can hurt your brand’s reputation. On the flip side, your dealership can prove brand-credibility by consistently sharing relevant and engaging content.

To pull off polished, professional Facebook posts, we recommend the following:

1. Video and Photos are Your BFFs

Data shows that Facebook posts including a photo or video will do better organically than a post without visual assets. To maximize organic reach on videos, upload them directly to Facebook – Facebook’s algorithm prefers native video (video directly uploaded to Facebook) as opposed to third-party links (YouTube or Vimeo.) For pictures, use engaging, high-quality images (PNGs are always better than JPGs) that are sized to 470px in length.
New England Honda Dealers Facebook Post: Facebook posts with imagery perform better organically

2. Timing is Everything

When it comes to ideal posting times, different times work for different audiences. To determine which times are best for your dealership’s audience, Facebook offers a nifty tool in their “Insights” tab, called “When My Fans Are Online.” Try posting at times when most of your audience is active on Facebook, then adjust accordingly based on engagement results.
Facebook Insights when my fans are online

3. Switch Up Your Meta Game

For a higher Google ranking, meta titles and descriptions need to be straightforward explanations of a web page’s content. For Facebook, however, meta titles and descriptions should be attention-grabbing and baiting. Thankfully, Facebook allows users to alter the meta title and description of link posts before publishing. Simply copy and paste your link into a status update, then click on the title and/or meta description to edit. Additionally, you can upload a custom image for the post to give it that extra bit of oomph!
Toyota of Naperville Quick Facebook Quiz Post - Make your meta count

4. Keep it Simple

For engaging, click-worthy posts, keep the text in the “Write Something…” box simple and to the point. Avoid appearing spammy or disorganized by using less than 500 characters in the post. Plus, the less details revealed within your post, the more inclined your audience will be to actually click and read! If you want to communicate additional information to your audience, include a link to your website prompting readers to learn more (and to drive traffic to your website!)
Autobarn VW of Countryside shows how to keep a Facebook post relevant and short.

5. Tag! You’re It!

My last tid-bit of advice could be the most valuable one. Facebook’s algorithm makes it difficult for organic (not paid for) posts by business pages to be seen. To avoid going broke trying to be seen on social media, it’s important to use every tactic possible to get maximum organic reach and engagement. One of the easiest ways to do this is by tagging friends and other businesses in your posts, that way your post will appear on the pages of any tagged parties as well (aka more eyes on your post, organically.)
Toyota of Elizabeth City Tagging Businesses and People in Posts for Organic Reach

Captivating imagery, thoughtful timing, intriguing meta descriptions, simple captions, and tagging other profiles will help extend your dealership’s organic reach while simultaneously establishing brand-credibility. Use these five tips as the foundation for Facebook posting success then let us know how they worked for your dealership!

Meet Katie Garrity

Katie is the Social Media Manager for Launch Digital Marketing. She graduated with a degree in English from North Central College in Naperville, Illinois. She enjoys traveling, reality TV, and coffee--lots of coffee.