As quarantine restrictions pull back and businesses prepare to reopen, finding a new normal will take time. Social distancing practices are sure to be in effect for the foreseeable future, challenging all of us to adopt certain COVID-19 habits for the long haul. How can you help your customers and employees feel safe as we learn how to come back together? LDM is sharing our most successful virtual business practices; be sure to grab our free webinar below! 


Stay COVID-19 Friendly 

While it’s tempting to throw our doors open and welcome everyone back, many people may be unsure about venturing out again. Maintaining your current COVID-19 offerings and practices will comfort cautious customers while encouraging those ready to visit. Chances are you’ve already adapted to quarantine with options like curbside pickup or virtual meetings; keep your most successful offerings going to appease the broadest buyer base. Now is the time to amp up your in-person social distancing behaviors too. Before you reopen, be sure to consider: 

  • Rearranging your store or office layout to help individuals stay six feet apart 
  • Having hand sanitizer or a hand washing station on premises 
  • Create print signage that explains your health requirements and best practices 


Over Communicate 

You’ve likely already shared your COVID-19 safety precautions with your base, but reopening your doors is the perfect time to double down on your health commitment, reaffirming how you’re handling the constantly evolving situation. Your customers want to know if you’re open and how their visit will work; in fact, 77% of users agreed they feel more positively about brands making an effort to support society at the moment. With so much going on right now, don’t let your messaging get lost: 

  • Post 3-5 times a week across online channels for maximum reach 
  • Share your COVID-19 best practices, explaining any changes 
  • Make it clear how you will conduct business, including ongoing COVID-19 offerings


Keep People Engaged 

The world is forever changed, meaning business will operate differently than before. Now is a good time to evaluate any virtual business practices that have been working well and how you can incorporate them permanently going forward. Do you need in-person meetings, or do video calls get the job done? Can you continue growing while people stay apart? 

If you’re worried about employee morale, you can use the same connectivity tools for levity as well. Schedule in some fun team bonding time with:

  • Virtual game nights (our team does one weekly!) 
  • Lighthearted quizzes or polls 
  • Sharing (work appropriate) memes, videos, pictures, emojis, etc. 


Get Our Guidelines

LDM has been working remotely for 7 years, and we’ve adopted many successful habits and tools that help us do the work we love from a distance. We want to help your small business: download our free webinar on “Effective Techniques for Conducting Business Virtually” to learn: 

  • How to connect with your customers and employees online
  • Which tools we like best, including both paid and free options 
  • Real-world examples of successful COVID-19 small business shifts

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