Gmail Sponsored Promotion

Gmail Sponsored Promotion, 1 of 3 ad formats availble for Customer Match

Earlier this week, Google announced Customer Match, a new AdWords product that helps advertisers reach customers at critical moments during their path to purchase.

Customer Match allows you to upload lists of email addresses, which are securely and privately matched to users who are signed in to Google. From there, you can target users on Google search, YouTube video pre-roll, and Gmail Sponsored Promotions (the new AdWords Gmail ad format). Whether customers are watching cat videos on YouTube, checking their Gmail inbox for their latest emails, or doing a search on Google, you will be able to reach them at critical moments with a compelling message.

So how can Customer Match be leveraged for your dealership? In some very effective ways. You can promote service specials to lists of customers who have purchased cars at your dealership in the last several months, or who have visited your service department previously but not yet been in for another oil change. You can target customers who are close to the end of their lease with a message to come back in and shop for their next car. You can even set bid adjustments on existing search campaigns—this will ensure users who have submitted leads in the past couple of months but not yet purchased a car are seeing your ads as the very top of their search results when they return to Google to do another search.

Customer Match is a long-awaited feature that we’re excited to implement. While it’s an excellent option for automotive advertisers, Customer Match has a wide range of uses for all industries. All U.S advertisers can expect to see the product roll out in their accounts in the next two to four weeks!

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Cara Garvey is the Paid Search Director at LDM. She graduated from Roosevelt University in Chicago with a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications, minors in Spanish and Psychology, and a penchant for Netflix. Cara enjoys spending time with her family and friends, playing with her dogs, and analyzing conversion data (don't judge).