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VP of Agency Relations/Operations Nicolle Lamb shares an inside look at Launch from the eyes of a new employee. Welcome aboard Nicolle!

Sometimes in life we are presented with an opportunity that changes our landscape. I actually think it happens more often than we realize, but it requires a lot of courage to take a leap. Sometimes we seek it. And if we are really fortunate, sometimes it just lands right in front of us….yelling JUMP!

I was comfortable, excelling at every aspect of my job and loved the people I worked with. I was challenged and rewarded on a regular basis. Why would I want to look for anything else?

What I’ve discovered is, my work lacked real purpose. It had grown too big and in many ways too complicated. Things like caring and creating fulfilling work were beginning to be things of the past. And even though I didn’t know it, it was really causing an internal struggle in me.

Moving to Launch has ignited a flame that I didn’t even know had been burned out. I realized on day 1 at Launch that I had stopped dreaming. I used to shoot for the stars and think the sky was the limit. I was an idea generator, problem solver and dreamer. I was once told that I was “too passionate about too many things”. I thought it was such an odd comment at the time, but over time I allowed it to seep in and let some of my light burn out.

Do you know why I am dreaming, because that’s what this place does. I could feel the energy the first time I walked in. This is a business born from a dream and built on the ability to make things happen.

The knowledge they have and seek is unprecedented in this industry. Joe Chura, Co-founder of Launch Digital Marketing told me once if he is having a problem the first thing he does is ask himself what he could build to solve it. These are modern day inventors in a 21st century kind of way and possibly the philosophers of our time.

Typical lifecycle of employment is to learn something, become the expert and do it over and over again to refine your skills. You may learn new things to add to it along the way, but you stay within your core. Launch goes to the next level. I told Joe it really should be called Launch University. New information is sought out daily. Seek. Explore. Train. Implement. Repeat.

Constantly adapting, agile, nimble and ready to solve our clients every problem better than any other company can.

I am so excited to be here; witnessing it all, and contributing in every way I can. But there’s nothing unique to that feeling. It’s in every single person that works here. That’s the Launch way.

– fellow seekers – need apply!

Meet Nicolle Lamb

Nicolle Lamb is the VP of Agency Relations for Launch Digital Marketing. Nicolle worked for Aspen Marketing, a division of Epsilon, for over 12 years, managing fortune 500 accounts like Motorola and Nissan. She brings a level of professionalism and a true passion for client relations. In her role at Launch, she manages the relationships with all agency partners, ensuring flawless execution for your business.