When you’re ready to show off your big business idea to the world, you have two website options: use a DIY site builder tool such as Squarespace, Wix, or GoDaddy, or hire professionals to help you go custom. If you’re considering both, you’re probably stuck on one major point: price. We’re not gonna lie; custom may have a higher price tag, but most people don’t realize how going DIY will cost you in more ways than dollar bills.

Here are three ways you’ll end up paying for a DIY website tool:

Your Time

1. Your Look

Your business is unique, offering products and/or services your competitors drool over, so why have a website that blends in with the crowd? Site builders work off templates, giving you a strict set of layouts, images, and options to work with. Templates hamper creativity, limiting brands with:

  • Generic stock photography
  • Basic layouts and architecture
  • Limited functionality

You can figure out how to tinker with these presets, but that often includes a hefty learning curve (see next point). The worst part? Anyone else in your field can get the exact same template, effectively diminishing your visual brand while confusing customers. Who wants that? Not you!

2. Your Time

“You get what you pay for” is an expression for a reason. DIY websites get away with cheaper prices because you have to do all the work. Many of these platforms tout a “drag and drop” interface that requires zero coding or web experience, but the second you want to do anything that veers outside the template, you’re out of luck. These tools require you to be your own:

  • Graphic designer
  • Copywriter
  • Developer
  • Every single other website touchpoint

There are countless tutorials out there, but you’ll have to sink serious hours into watching them all, and even then, there’s no guarantee that what you create will come outright.

Your budget may be renewable, but your time? Not so much.

Your Goals

3. Your Goals

Even if you do have above average design and coding skills, websites are more than just what you see. There’s so much backend wizardry that goes into development, page speed, organic rankings, and more, and you’ll have to pull this all off in addition to the hours you’ve plunked into the design. Are you ready to get down and dirty with:

  • Organic and Technical SEO
  • Integrated marketing strategies
  • Website performance tracking and reporting
  • Microdata and Local SEO strategies
  • Conversion Rate Optimization testing
  • Quality check and browser compatibility
  • Accessible web development techniques
  • Paid search strategy and development support

Your website is a tool to help your business grow, but if it’s not built properly, you could be missing out on major opportunities.

To learn more about how custom sites differ from DIY site building tools, check out this detailed comparison.

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