The World Of Digital Marketing Has Many Confusing Terms and Actions Clients Might Not Understand

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Making Sense Of All The Data Helps Clients Understand Your Hard Work!

The world of SEO, SEM, PPC, and online marketing is filled with statistics, terminology, acronyms, and other industry-specific language that can confuse just about anyone — however, all of these factors and numbers are important in some way, shape, or form. Launch Digital Marketing does an outstanding job of collecting these statistics and presenting them to our clients in a condensed, easy-to-understand way each month. You would be hard pressed to find any other organization that is this transparent with their numbers, and Launch takes pride in this fact. Part of the challenge with these types of reports is that they can be rather lengthy and sometimes confusing to look at. Without a solid understanding of analytics, conversion tracking, and other important metrics, the information on these reports can look like “gibberish” to the client, which is what makes it a Digital Strategist’s bread and butter. As a Digital Strategist, it’s my job to cut through the lingo and show the customer what is really important and where they can find the information most relevant to them.

Interpreting the Data Correctly Is The Key To Presenting Accurate Reports

When I receive a new report filled with statistics, percentages, and numbers, I get very excited about the task ahead of me. It’s my job to show the client what these numbers tell them about their recent performance, noting any outstanding or problematic areas, explaining what changed from previous months, and suggesting strategies for moving forward. When I see a drop in visits or page views, an alarm bell is triggered and I’m on a mission to figure out exactly what happened. Occasionally it’s as simple as realizing that a national holiday fell on a certain day or the weather was extraordinarily nice. Other times we may have discovered a 404 error or other technical issue temporarily influencing traffic. On the other hand, I may see huge increases in traffic, page views, and conversions, and pinpointing the causes of such significant increases is important to fine-tuning our customized approach to each client. It’s also exciting for me, as these kinds of results demonstrate that Launch’s unique strategy clearly works.

Compiling the Data So It Makes Sense To Your Customers

Once I have narrowed down the most important issues and concerns, as well as planning the next month’s strategy, I present this information in an easily digestible format for the client. Decision makers do not have all day to flip through pages upon pages of data — they need to be able to make important decisions quickly. Being clear, honest, and concise are the three most important things when delivering data to a client. There are a variety of different ways to present this information, and your goals should always determine what you prioritize. Finally, one of the most important tools to utilize is a baseline. Without a baseline it is impossible to gauge your performance and give clients accurate information about how your strategies are working.

Communicating with a client can be a nerve-wracking task in any industry, especially one like digital marketing, in which results can be so accurately tracked. When clients get to view all of this information, it’s the job of a Digital Strategist to remind them what is important and to explain why certain data is being returned. However, if you remember to be clear, honest, and concise, you can rest assured that everything will sail along a little more smoothly.

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