Believe it or not, digital addiction is a real thing. Put yourself to the test…

• Do you have severe heart palpitations when you go away for the weekend with no internet?

• Does your brain process thoughts as a series of status updates and 140-character sentences?

• Do you have suicidal thoughts if you don’t receive a comment on your latest blog post within 12 hours?

• Do you have a brief panic attack when you reach for your pocket and your phone is gone?

All of theses may be signs of a severe problem…Digital Addiction!

Your Digital Addiction

Now, most people who work for a digital firm know the stress that comes along with it. You become available almost 24/7 for your clients and team. I know my cell phone is always in my pocket, my laptop is open 14+ hours a day, and my iPod shuffle is loaded with podcasts and music to keep me stimulated for days.

Continuous days of digital abuse will leave one frazzled…

No wonder we need digital detox camps, apps to kick you off your electronics, and hotels offering no-technology discounts. It’s become essential to get offline and detox every so often, especially for those of us absorbed in the digital marketing industry. Here is why:

• If you free yourself from technology for a bit, you are able to change perspectives and truly detach yourself from the digitalist you are. It allows for new ideas, energy, and inspiration.
• Sometimes all it takes is going offline to truly connect with yourself. Launch Digital Marketing is a full digital detoxservice digital marketing agency with a team of unique & quirky personalities that show through our work. We all pride ourselves in providing our clients with outstanding work delivered by individuals who use their skills and quirks to create first-class ideas. If we are not fully in tune with ourselves, this wouldn’t be possible!
• You will feel more stable in your job and proud of your accomplishments if they don’t interfere with your personal life. If you constantly feel you are missing out due to extra hours at work, both will be lackluster.

Tips to Unplug and Help You Recharge:

Leave Your Cell Phone At The Door

Ask everyone to turn their phones to silent, or better yet completely off. This tactic will prevent distractions during your time. No need to check in or think of a witty status. You’ll find that you’re more alert, attentive and responsive in your conversations, and you may even find you have more fun.

Make Time For You

Don’t revert back into your old routine after hours! Put down the tablet, unplug the laptop, power down the smartphone, and truly do something you enjoy. Read a book, walk the dogs, or play Cards Against Humanity with some friends. Whatever you do, spend some quality time away from that technology, so when you return to work, you’ll be revitalized and your creative juices will start flowing.

These are just a few things that I’ve found to help me detox and connect. What are your favorite ways? Share them with me; I’d love to hear from you! 🙂


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