One of the latest tricks in the local SEO toolbox is the Google Guarantee Badge, a green checkmark of honor that proves your business is legit. As part of the Google Local Services offerings, this certification is shaking things up when it comes to visibility and rankings. But do you need a Google Guarantee badge? And how do you even get one? Let’s find out!

What is the Google Guarantee?

Google GuaranteeA while back, Google started rolling out an upgrade to Google My Business (GMB) listings called the Google Guarantee, an extra certification that verifies the legitimacy and reputation of a local business. After passing Google’s screenings and employee background checks, businesses receive a shiny new Google Guarantee Badge on their GMB profile, setting them apart from the competition.

Not only does this give potential customers added confidence to work with a local vendor, but if they aren’t satisfied with their services, Google will pay customers back and potentially revoke the business’s guarantee status.

So in short, getting—and maintaining!—a Google Guarantee Badge is an excellent way to illustrate your ongoing commitment to quality and satisfaction.

As of now, this certification is limited to local businesses, primarily in service-based industries. Because the badge is tied to GMB listings, franchisees would all need to apply separately to receive a badge on each location’s listing.

That being said, this is a great service that you don’t want to skip!

What are the benefits of the Google Guarantee Badge?

While Google does make businesses jump through a couple hoops to receive their prize, the efforts are worth it. The Google Guarantee benefits include:

  • Enhanced trust and confidence – customers lean on reviews, and this badge is like a super stamp of approval.
  • Increased visibility – if your competitor has a badge and you don’t, guess who clients are going to call?
  • Higher rankings – Google will prioritize badge listings in the local map pack, helping you rise to the top.
  • More revenue – thanks to all these extra eyes on your listing, you’re likely to receive more clicks, website traffic, and leads, helping you grow!

How do I get a Google Guarantee Badge?

Okay, so now that you know why you need a Google Guarantee Badge, how do you get one? While there is an application process and ongoing fee involved, we feel the benefits greatly outweigh the costs. And luckily, LDM is here to help! Our award-winning team can walk you through the process and manage this ongoing service for you. Get going today and get that guarantee!


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