Curious about starting your business on social media, but worried the second you hop on Instagram it will go the way of MySpace? You may have heard that social media is too congested to make a dent anymore, or that you can only get noticed by shelling out serious coin for paid ads, so does your business actually need a social presence? 

In a word: YES. 

Because let’s be real: your audience is on social media, even if you aren’t. And more and more people are using social platforms for search, meaning that your Facebook page needs to essentially act as a second homepage, helping potential customers find your business and what you’re all about. Studies show consumers need to be exposed to a product or message 7 times before buying in, and you can be sure many of those touchpoints are happening via social. 

“Social media allows a business to build a voice and create a story,” says Katie Garrity, Social Media Manager at Launch Digital Marketing. “It’s not only to announce new products or promotions, but to show their audience who they really are.”

“Okay, but,” you may be questioning, “what would I even post about?” 

We’re glad you asked! Here are 3 social media post types to get you started. 

Show Your Strengths 

You are crushing it in your field, and there are people out there hungry to jump inside your brain (not literally, of course, because gross). Your business has a lot to offer, and sharing a sneak peek into the goods for free helps build your brand’s authority and customer trust. If you can answer someone’s question even before they’ve started working with you? You’re on your way to cultivating a life-long fan. Try showcasing:

  • Tips on using your product/service
  • Answers to your most frequently asked questions 
  • Industry highlights/news

Show Your Personality

Customers are more likely to buy from a brand they connect with. People want to feel like they know who you are and whether your values align, so why not shout it out? While it may seem backwards to pull the camera away from what you’re selling, shining a light on the people behind the product will help reveal more about your mission and why YOU are the solution shoppers have been looking for. You can reveal:

  • Behind the scenes snapshots
  • Employee profiles 
  • A day-in-the-life at your office/store/etc 

Show You Care 

Social media is all about connection, and even if the last two points haven’t swayed you, customer engagement is what will make you a social media convert for life. Your Facebook posts and Instagram stories will help you learn about your audience: what they respond to… or don’t. People may not take the time to leave you a review or email you a concern, but double tapping a post? Yeah. That’s basically free market research. Connect with your audience when you:

  • See what kind of content they like best
  • Respond to customer questions and feedback 
  • Incorporate their voices into future products/services 

Let’s Get Social

In addition to regularly updating your website, having an active social media presence on the right platform will help you expand your digital reach. But if the uphill battle of learning hashtags, posting times, and cohesive grids feels like A LOT, don’t worry. Launch Digital Marketing has a whole social media and strategy team ready to dig in and do the work for you! Contact us to learn more! 

Meet Crystal Duran

Crystal Duran is a Senior Copywriter at Launch Digital Marketing. With a master's degree in Mass Communication and several published books to her pen name, she is a self-proclaimed word nerd and staunch supporter of the Oxford comma.