Over the past recent years I’ve seen it all in terms of websites.  From practical services to innovative products, there is a never ending list of ecommerce sites out there for people to buy from.  Although the sites below have topped the list of obscurity, there is something to take away from each one.

1. catscarf.com

Great graphics! They really know their customers and have tailored their webpage to attract them. They share humorous pictures as well as intriguing products for the everyday cat lover. Customers can see that they are a serious business given that a portion of their profit goes to help animals in need.

On the other hand, we can learn something from this page. When clicking their “Contact Us” button it just takes us to the bottom of the page with a Mail, Instagram, and Twitter icon. This can be confusing to many customers. Without a number or specific email address customers may not be able to reach out to CatScarf.


2. pillowmob.com

Although a silly and funny idea to a common household item, this site has something many sites lack. They include an “Order Status” button. With this button, customers can directly check when their order is coming in. This avoids fishing through emails trying to get the tracking code and having to use an alternate site to find their package.


3. chubbiesshorts.com

Short shorts for men? Apparently it’s a new fad. Regardless of their product, they do have an easy access shopping cart. Customers can make a quick checkout directly from the homepage. This avoids losing products selected and trying to find the right button to make a purchase. The “Checkout” button is the biggest and brightest  button on the site, you can’t miss it.

But did you know they sell shirts too? The URL in itself explains that this company is for shorts. Without browsing through the webpage I would have never thought to buy men’s shirts there. A simple Google search for Men’s shirt would have probably missed chubbiesshorts.com.


4. twigterrariums.com

Similar to CatScarf, Twig Terraniums has really tailored their site to the creative, nature-loving customers it wants. However, the placement of their contact information is somewhat off. Their location, contact information, and types of products they offer is all centered in the middle of the homepage. Originally, I assumed that was the end of the homepage. However, the popular products and special offers were below it! Those are the type of things first-time customers would be interested in seeing. I’m sure they wouldn’t want consumers to miss that part of their page.


5. ipoopyou.com

A hilarious gift to give one of your foes! With some hilarious attire you can buy as well! This site is the easiest site to click through so far! All of their links are included at the top and bottom of every page you visit. Customers would never miss an opportunity to make a purchase. This company has clearly optimized it webpage to make as many sales as possible.


Meet Noah Aird

Noah Aird has been in the design game for 5 years. He is also a bartender, soccer superstar, rockstar drummer, and video game aficionado.