Ready to connect with your customers via email but aren’t sure what to say? Email allows for direct access to your most engaged audience, and with a few simple tricks, you can be sending eye-catching messages that convert. Check out our top email copywriting tips and get ready for a super active list! Plus, we’ve put together a handy email checklist for you to use before hitting send.

Keep email subject lines short and sweet

Your email subject line is arguably the most important part of the entire message, the make-or-break reason why someone will (or won’t!) open your email. In order to get your open rate soaring, we recommend these email subject line tips:

  • 26 characters or less: the fewer the words, the better
  • Skip exclamation points: we know you’re excited, but you don’t need this punctuation
  • No all caps: no one wants to be screamed at, so keep your copy in sentence case

Your preview text (the copy that shows up underneath or next to the subject) is also important, and when you can connect it to the subject itself, you’ll have a surefire win! Think of it like two parts of one witty, intriguing sentence: the subject piques interest and the preview text makes users want to know more.

Be conversational and fun

Sliding into someone’s inbox is a pretty personal experience, so this is the last place you want to be corporate. Compose your emails in a light, personality-driven tone that’s similar to how you’d talk to a friend. Even if you’re pitching a product, you can still do so in a laid-back manner. For engaging email copywriting, try:

  • Losing the industry jargon: technical terms do not apply here
  • Being funny (or leaning into your brand’s vibe): everyone loves to laugh so inject humor and/or your brand’s tone whenever you can
  • Emphasizing benefits: you’re here to solve a user’s problem, so make sure you pump up those perks

Simple is always best

Every email you send should focus on one clear message and call to action; otherwise, you risk overwhelming your reader. Just like your subject line, keeping your email copy concise and easy to read will appeal to the precious few seconds most users give to each message. Get to the point when you:

  • Focus on readability: the easier to scan, the better, so utilize short sentences, bulleted lists, and as much white space as possible
  • Add some visuals: pictures that support your copy will help drive home your message
  • Push one CTA: zero in on one goal (and one goal only!) for users to complete

“The best emails are like a great first date – quick to size up, easy to engage with, and have a low push vibe.” 

Shannon Goins, Senior Manager, Email Marketing 

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