Google ETAs have a similar format to standard AdWords text ads, but just as the name describes it is a longer-format ad that allows for more sophisticated copy.

Google Text Ad


Why is this important?

  • MORE character real estate
  • MORE specific and relevant to customers’ search queries
  • MORE room for creativity

What is LDM Doing with Them?

As a Google Premier Partner, we had the opportunity to test the product during its beta phase. This let us test ad performance and optimize content in preparation to applying ETAs across all accounts.

Fuel, our dynamic ad platform, already utilizes the Expanded Text Ad format. This allows us to implement ETAs in our clients’ accounts faster and more efficiently.

We are now rolling out Expanded Text Ads in our clients’ accounts.

How Do They Look?

Standard Text Ad

Standard Example

Dynamic New ETA

ETA Dynamic copy

How Do They Perform?

With more character real estate we are able to include more product content and unique selling points about a dealership. This is beneficial in making the ad stand out and providing more information to searchers.

Through testing the ETA beta, we have found up to a 3-4% higher click through rate on Expanded Text Ads. We are continuing to A/B test ETAs, and optimize content in the coming months until Google switches over fully to ETAs. Stay tuned!