Looking for a TV? Microwave? Anything. Think about the power of searching for something you want to purchase and having the social proof right next to the search result. Bing recently announced a partnership with Facebook (or Facebook announced an exclusive partnership with Bing) that will produce such a search result.

So, I ask, is it more powerful to be ranked #1 or is it better to be at position #6 with your best friends smiley face right next to that search result giving social proof that the product service you searched for works.

Let’s look at a search result. As you see above this is a screen print of the query:

It’s easy to step back and see why this search experience can be a real win for Bing. With almost 600 million people (note post date) on Facebook, cross referencing search with social provides the instant justification many need to complete and/or further their transaction. No word on Facebook giving up the data to Google, according to the head of Google Web Spam Matt Cutts. To this point, despite the rumors Facebook “likes” and “shares” play little to no part in Google search results.

Facebook and Bing Partnership

I guess we will see if Bing will gain market share but determine for yourself if you find it more helpful. Give it a shot, search for your next product or service at Bing.com.

Who knows, maybe your parents have liked something on FB in the past that will show up in the search results!

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