You’re checking your business’ search results, and see the score on your Google My Business page is 4.7.  That’s pretty good!  But wait!  There are 6 five-star reviews on the page. Is Google’s gargantuan algorithm incapable of simple elementary algebraic function?

Of course not—as it turns out, the number score on your Google My Business page can actually be a sophisticated compilation of so much more than just reviews!!

Some of the confusion lies with how Google displays the score.  It’s found on the Review Summary card of the My Business page. Below the score, Google duplicates the score with a graphic showing stars colored in to match your score.  And then, showing the number of reviews associated with the page directly below all of that, gives the appearance that the score and stars are directly related.

If it’s not just about the reviews, then what else is Google factoring in?

  • Reviews from other sources around the web like Facebook, Yelp, Citysearch and more.
  • The performance of your My Business page including social posting, how many followers, how many views the page has, photos, videos and more.
  • How your business ranks in SERPs – Google ranks your business upon 200 factors that include: your’s domain’s statistics, NAP consistency, keywords, content and its value, image optimization, links, social sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. And, with Google’s mobile algorithm, how “mobile-friendly” your website is will now play a key role in the way your website is ranked.
  • And finally, yes, your Google reviews’ star rating counts.  But how many reviews you have, and even responding to your reviews (good or bad!) is taken into account.

What does it mean when you have no score?!

Google doesn’t give you a score until your My Business page has more than five reviews…..

Google Marketplace Review Summary

Google Marketplace Review Summary


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