google 360We have all used Google’s Street View feature at some point to zoom in on a city street or point of interest and “walk around” via our web browser like we were actually there. Google’s amazing 360 degree navigational technology links almost every place you’d ever want to be straight to your browser screen.

Well, Google has taken their panoramic technology one step further: inside local businesses. Now one can walk off the street, into an establishment, and see what is inside. Businesses can showcase their grand ballrooms, elegant dining areas, or extensive merchandise, and this new option applies to just about every business out there.

Google, as most people know, has high standards and therefore requires all photos used for this new opportunity to be taken by a Google Certified Photographer or Agency. These photographers must uphold Google’s standards by gaining their trust through a highly monitored approval process.

So, Why Would a Business Owner Find Google Business Photos Attractive?

As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words!” Let us imagine there is a business owner that has a perfect venue for almost any event. It could be a banquet hall, pavilion, restaurant, or landmark. Potential customers now have the ability to search on Google or Google Maps, jump to the street view, and walk right into the establishment. Immediately the person will get an idea of the space, and as they utilize the high-quality 360 degree panoramic imaging, they can get a virtual tour and admire the ambience and uniqueness of each location they look at.

Featured photos of menus, hours, payment methods, awards, ratings, and special features are also included. A wide variety of businesses can benefit from this technology, from car dealerships, salons, gyms, and stores to an array of other business categories. Business owners can benefit from increased visits to their site showcasing their products, atmosphere, and reputation.

Other Benefits of Google Business Photos

google 360
According to multiple resources and testimonials, Google 360 Business Photos decreases the bounce rate on most sites. People spend more time navigating through your business, stay on the site longer, and therefore conversion rates tend to increase.

Another upside is more positive reviews on Google! Photos of your business may lead to increased numbers of visitors leaving reviews. In the wonderful world of the internet, we know each review can further enhance your presence on the web. These reviews exist to help potential customers see the advantages and disadvantages of a particular business, while helping the business owner understand what improvements may need to be made.

Finally, Google Business Photos means more views from searchers. As stated before, there tends to be a higher click-through rate due to the visual stimuli of large photos, interior views, and a connection to Google Maps and Google Local. This feature has proven invaluable in increasing traffic and allowing businesses to expand their customer base.

These are just a few of the many advantages of Google 360 Business Photography. Whether for SEO purposes or otherwise, Business Photos can enhance your website, reputation, and your overall business presence on the web.

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