We’ve been living the COVID life for a year now (sob), and while no one could ever call the pandemic a fun time, there have been some interesting points of light amidst the darkness. At Launch Digital Marketing, we’ve been in the trenches with our clients, providing side-by-side support and strategy shifts that uncovered some pretty amazing results. In this COVID year-in-review, we’re rounding up some of the coolest ways our clients beat the pandemic.

Pivoting Priorities

When the world shut down, most businesses weren’t sure how they’d keep the lights on, let alone continue their marketing campaigns. We encouraged our clients not to abandon their efforts completely so as not to disappear off the digital map, and many took the uncertainty as a chance to reallocate budgets toward new ideas and priorities.

“Clients that pivoted and stayed consistent with their marketing efforts were able to ride the COVID wave much easier and more profitably. When things were closed, we were able to keep customers engaged with fun content so when restrictions started to open again sales also continued to increase. Keeping true to the brand, continuing to market, and communicating with customers was what helped some businesses stay open during tough times.”

– Caitlyn Hillier, Account Manager

One of our clients, The BrickKicker, decided to hit pause on dig ad to focus on the longer game of SEO instead. This shift paid off really well in the long run: by developing a strong content development strategy, they have digital assets that will only continue to drive traffic for the long haul. Not only that, they’ve seen a huge increase in goal completions after switching gears.

Countless others decided it was time to really get down and dirty with their Google My Business, an area that proved vital to their survival. Especially for those in the food industry, focusing on local SEO meant all the difference as they kept customers updated on delivery options, hours, and COVID best practices.

Getting Some Work Done

Others saw the worldwide pause as a chance to revitalize their image through rebranding and website redesign. COVID proved to be the perfect time for several of our clients to shake off old assets and come back stronger than ever. Now that we’re all getting ready to start rejoining the world, these businesses have fresh new faces to welcome one and all.

Staying Creative

What do you do when you run a popular tourist destination but tourists are no longer allowed? Bring your attraction home to your audience! Our client Skydeck created a virtual Zoom background that allowed users to appear like they were hovering over the city of Chicago, just like they would be during their visit. This fun, inventive strategy helped Skydeck stay relevant and top of mind during a time of uncertainty.

Asking for Guidance

Overall, a team approach proved to be the winning combination during quarantine.

“Of those who were most affected by COVID, the most successful clients came to us to help with their long term strategy. I saw clients reinvest budget from advertising efforts to rebranding, redesigning their website, SEO and content, and generate helpful resources like eBooks for their customer base.”

– Dino Cavallo, Senior Account Manager

We’re Your Partners!

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