The rising uncertainty of COVID-19 is forcing small business owners to flex their creative muscles and find new ways to weather the uncertainty. With CDC recommendations fluctuating nearly everyday, flexibility is allowing many entrepreneurs to keep going despite shelter-in-place setbacks. Here are some ways your small business can adapt during coronavirus.


Band Together 

Just because we’re all practicing social distancing does not mean we’re in this struggle alone. Now is a great time to connect with other small business owners to see how you can work together for mutual benefit. Could your product or service pair nicely with another? Do your audiences share intersecting interests? Creating new partnerships is an excellent way to possibly extend your audience even as current opportunities seem slim. 


Ideas to consider:

  • Deliver the goods: If you currently offer delivery, could you extend your resources to a non-delivery based business? Restaurants could open their delivery network to other local businesses to keep their products moving. 
  • A packaged deal: Could you create a “care package” of similarly themed products? For example, a book seller could assemble a cozy reading experience by bundling up a book, candle, socks, and snacks for a stay-at-home treat. 


Get Virtual 

With so many people staying at home, think about how you can offer your services through a virtual format. Many service-based companies are trying their hand at digital consultations and classes, continuing to serve their customers in a new format. Offering a sense of connection during these isolating times will be incredibly valuable, so don’t be afraid to try a new technology and manage your campaigns differently to stay in touch. 


Ideas to consider: 

  • Talk it out: get to the heart of what you offer and think about how people need to consume your service. Do they need to see you, hear you, or both? Can you teach or talk through your service over the phone or via video call? 
  • Pull back the curtain: Can you provide entertainment by showcasing your skills in new ways? Our day-to-day may seem boring to us since we’re in it, but people love a behind-the-scenes reveal, showing them how you work, create products, and provide value. 


Switch Gears 

Does your business have the necessary resources to shift directions and fill a new void? While it may seem harder to wrap your head around, offering what people need and want most right now could make all the difference. For example, some small distilleries started making hand sanitizer when the product stopped being available elsewhere. How can your business pivot?


Keeping a Lookout 

As your partner, LDM is committed to finding smart, strategic marketing solutions during COVID-19, including recommendations for your ongoing SEO and SEM and additional small business support. Our dedicated account management team is analyzing the latest data and trends to help you decide where to best allocate your time and resources; ask us a question by starting a chat box on the right or contact us today for support. 

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Crystal Duran is a Senior Copywriter at Launch Digital Marketing. With a master's degree in Mass Communication and several published books to her pen name, she is a self-proclaimed word nerd and staunch supporter of the Oxford comma.