Working with a marketing agency is not unlike farming: you plant some seeds, put in some work, and then reap the benefits of your bounty. But growth can’t happen on its own; marketers need your help to make your business truly blossom. Learn how to get the most out of your marketing agency by following advice straight from the farmers—er, marketersthemselves! 

Be Transparent 

Your marketing agency wants you to succeed just as much as you do, but “success” can mean different things to different people. What you may consider to be a huge harvest may seem like small potatoes to your agency or vice versa, so setting clear, actionable goals from the start will help everyone win in the end. To help your agency plow ahead, you’ll need to be honest about: 


  • Your budget – be realistic with what you have to spend.
  • Your expectations – talk about what you hope to see and by what date. 
  • Your upcoming plans – if you’re cooking up new products or something big, keep your agency in the loop so they can build campaigns around your plans.


It’s also a good idea to discuss what you like (and dislike) about your current or past marketing efforts so your agency knows where to dig in. Hate Facebook? Okay! Love SEO? Awesome! Be truthful about what you want so no one on either side gets hit with surprises. 

Be Open to Ideas

While it’s crucial to come to the table with suggestions, remember these are recommendations, not orders. Marketers geek out on how they can help, and being open to their creativity and ideas can open up solutions you may not have considered


“My favorite clients are those who give me a ton of information,” says Dino Cavallo, Digital Account Strategist at Launch Digital Marketing. “This always helps me develop a custom marketing strategy.” 


Discover your highest yield ever when you:


  • Ask questions – marketing teams loooooove to show off their smarts! 
  • Try new things – don’t know the difference between SEO vs SEM? Curious about starting social media? Branch out and get ready for exciting results. 
  • Explore opportunities – getting in early on marketing trends or shifting best practices can put you ahead of the crowd.

Be a Partner 

Seedlings need both sunshine and rain, and to truly have a successful relationship with your marketing agency, you need to work together as partners. It may seem basic, but doing things like paying your bills on time, offering consistent feedback, and showing engagement during meetings will make your team want to work that much harder for you


Reap what you sow when you: 


  • Respond within a reasonable amount of time – ghosting your agency will lead to long lag times that make everyone sad and slow down progress.
  • Give actionable feedback – minimize back and forth by sharing specific details as to what you like and don’t.
  • Share the love – let your team know when they’ve done something great! It’ll make ‘em blush and then get back to crushing it for you. 


Ready to Work for You

So let’s go, partner! Launch Digital Marketing is ready to dig in and go above and beyond with our team of expert strategists. Whether you’re looking to update your website or kick start your next paid search campaign, we’re here for you. Let’s chat

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