You have heard the buzz about it. You like the idea of it even though you may not know the details. You may think it’s a new era of website design and functionality. You are right.

Take 5 minutes and visit this website below. Hint: DO NOT close any of the browser windows that will be opening and don’t forget to type in the address (you will see what I mean).

Click here to view “The Wilderness Downtown”.

html5 websites

Meet Joe Chura

Joe began his career on the Ford assembly line at age 20, reading his college textbooks seconds at a time in between building cars. Over the next decade Joe gained experience at many different levels in the automotive industry, including running Ford’s regional sales team and a stint as General Manager of two dealerships, where he increased internet sales by 300%. Combining his passion for computer programming and innovation, Joe co-founded Launch Digital Marketing (LDM) and Dealer Inspire (DI) to bring new retail technology and better online experiences to both car dealers and shoppers.