Launch Digital Marketing

Launch Digital Marketing is proud to say that we have 62 employees certified in Google AdWords; a record among most digital advertising agencies. Those certified range across many departments, from Human Resources to Web Developers. Launch upholds 5 tenets for all employees to understand and embody in their everyday life: Communicate, Innovate, Learn, Give, and Be Transparent. These tenets relate well to the knowledge gained from Google certifications. “We wholeheartedly believe the achievement of gaining certifications propels the ability to maximize our service offerings. Not only is AdWords certification responsible for helping our client partners but the act of learning is vital to our company culture and individual growth plans,” said Joe Chura, CEO of Launch Digital Marketing.

At Launch, we provide search and display advertising services for our clients. It is crucial that the paid search team has the necessary skills to excel in the best AdWords practices for each account from a multitude of industries. This enables us to have an individual approach catered directly toward the client and their business needs. This also allows us to work closely with Google because they know that we care about making AdWords a strong platform for our clients.

The certification process consists of 6 exams: Fundamentals, Display, Search, Mobile, Video, & Shopping Advertising. These tests and study guides give immense insight on how to utilize AdWords properly. The exam process is a perfect challenge that sheds light onto practical questions and situations that will be faced when managing an AdWords account.

Launch Digital Marketing is proud to be on the forefront of the ever-expanding world of digital advertising. This training from Google’s platform shows a deeper understanding of paid search and really makes us stand out from other agencies in the marketing realm. By being put to this test, Launch has rocketed ahead of the competition and will continue to learn and explore all relevant practices.

Meet Alyssa Goebbert

Alyssa is a Paid Search Specialist at Launch Digital Marketing. She graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in Integrated Marketing Communication, with a focus in digital advertising and social media. Alyssa enjoys traveling, eating, and exploring new things. Her guilty pleasures are hazelnut gelato, bagpipes and watching gameshows.