Maintaining a solid digital marketing strategy during COVID-19 has been quite a ride, huh? With markets and industries in constant flux, it’s taking even more research and know-how to strategize effectively, especially when it comes to managing search campaigns in 2020. LDM is weathering this storm right beside you, and we’ve uncovered some tips to help bolster paid search, social advertising, and more amidst the pandemic.

The Impact of Coronavirus on Digital Advertising

It’s not news to say that businesses are facing tough decisions across industries, pivoting and reallocating resources to stay afloat. For many, digital marketing budgets have taken a hit, and according to Search Engine Watch, ad spend declines are up to 50% across all channels, with major downturns including:

  • Digital media spend: down 40%
  • Social media spend: down 33%
  • Paid search spend: down 30%

This is resulting in lower CPC rates for businesses, made extra enticing as consumer screen time continues to soar. With certain digital advertising costs dropped way, way down, you have an opportunity to branch out, try new things, and get extra eyes on your campaigns for less.

So how can you take advantage of these ad spend trends?

Mix Up Your Medium

Now is an interesting time to experiment with something new. As consumer shopping habits continue to flux, why not try reaching customers in different ways? Have you considered:

  • Adjusting your paid search spend: the current decrease in ad competition could open your business to new eyes and new leads.
  • Switching to social ads: boosting your posts on Facebook, Instagram, and more is a great way to reach a wider audience, especially once you’ve found the right social platform for your business.
                • YouTube pre-roll: did you know that nearly 90% of shoppers report discovering a new brand or product on YouTube? YouTube the second most visited website IN THE WORLD, making it an unstoppable digital marketing force.

Pair Increased Incentives with Softer Messaging

While eCommerce has seen an 18% increase during the pandemic, overall U.S. retail sales are down 10% due to the rise of unemployment and shifts in discretionary spending. (source: eMarketer) We all could use a little bonus right now, so try easing buyers in with extra sales and incentives such as free shipping, trial-size products, or promo codes.

The way you communicate these incentives is important too, so rather than pairing ads with hard sell CTAs like “Buy now!” or “Act fast!” reword with gentler copy that evokes understanding and sensitivity, such as “we’re here for you” or “try risk free”.

Some coronavirus friendly copywriting tips include:

  • Avoiding pandemic-adjacent terms such as “viral”, “killer”, “contagious”, etc.
  • Maintaining a helpful, empathetic tone
  • Communicating all the ways you’re supporting your customers, employees, and community during COVID-19

Get Support

If you’re not sure how to maximize your digital marketing efforts during COVID-19 and beyond, we can help. At LDM, we’re here to support small businesses through smart, cost-effective solutions that get you results. Our team can problem solve for ways to keep you growing! Contact us to start brainstorming!

Meet Crystal Duran

Crystal Duran is a Senior Copywriter at Launch Digital Marketing. With a master's degree in Mass Communication and several published books to her pen name, she is a self-proclaimed word nerd and staunch supporter of the Oxford comma.