Now operating as a division of Dealer Inspire, LDM is a boutique creative-digital agency focused solely on providing creative services, custom advertising, and digital platform solutions to non-automotive dealer clients. Powered by a small team of digital strategists, creatives, designers, developers, videographers, motion designers, and more, the LDM squad comes together every day to create some pretty amazing work across a wide range of services, to clients of every size in every vertical.

And when we say every vertical, we mean EVERY vertical…check this out!

AAOMS (American Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons): National broadcast PSA

AIRBOSS: Complete Rebrand & Web Development for previously MD Aviation, private air charter brokering services.

Aurelio’s Pizza: Digital advertising, email, and creative services on behalf of national franchise. (website)

AXION RMS: Web development and digital marketing marketing services to this going-national risk management firm.

Beef Shack: Yep, still happening. Ongoing franchise consulting, marketing, creative services. (website)

Blazing Bull Grills: In preparation for a US / Canada GTM, LDM is designing branding, web-development for this innovative, portable infrared grilling system

Car Search: Nationally syndicated digital programming for

Linden Oaks Behavioral Health: Edward–Elmhurst’s behavioral Health Services division needs digital advertising to spread the word that help is just a phone call away.

Northwestern University: Video production for the Feinberg School of Medicine to help thank their donors in the H-Foundation (another LDM client).

OpenFox CPI: Web Development services for IT / SaaS provider for Local, State, Federal, and Global law enforcement agencies.

Paperwork Pros: Digital GTM (branding, collateral, web development) for invoicing and AP solutions for Micro businesses.

RockIt Cargo: Video production services for the World’s largest logistics brokerage firm for the entertainment industry.

SCARCE: GTM consulting / creative services to help this local recycling NFP improve revenue streams.

Weaver Consultants Group: Branding, web-development, and general retainer work for nationally recognized waste management consulting and implementation firm.



Let’s be real for a second here. None of this would even be possible if not for our amazingly talented team members who all bring the best kind of magic to what they do. And that’s not hyperbole folks, these people are legit!

Client Services

Operating somewhere between business consultants, salespeople, traffic, and therapists, the LDM client services team is responsible for being advocates for our partners internally, vigorous evangelists for LDM teams externally, and strategic drivers everywhere in between. Slinging briefs, proposals, contracts, and additional context wherever possible, client services collaborates closely with the creative teams to frame the business problem for the client, so LDM teams can provide the solutions.

  • Phil Bridge, Director of Client Services
  • Dani Romano, Senior Account Manager
  • Cory Nordine, Account Manager
  • Jillian Jungels, Client Services Intern


Those solutions start with ideas, where we present a vision to the client for how all of our teams and capabilities will come together, and work in unison, to create work that will grow their business. While technically attributed to a very small team within LDM, this core service is a deeply collaborative effort that starts with our proposals and client services and continues all the way through the execution of our copywriting, design, video, and web development — being impacted by every team member involved. This ongoing process of creating original, genuinely impactful branding, campaign, and website concepts together is what makes our work special.

This team is also responsible for all copywriting, which — working very closely with design — is what establishes the voice, tone, and messaging for our clients.

  • Mark McCarthy, Creative Director
  • Crystal Mack, Sr. Copywriter

Project Management

Once the scope for a project is established, hundreds of tasks (big and small) are created by the project management team to set a roadmap and timeline for exactly how we will execute the project — and that’s the easy part. This team has to adapt the project on the fly every day with a steady stream of curveballs (from clients and team-members alike) and become competent in a variety of ridiculously different industries (food! construction! tech! real estate! medical! waste management! etc!) to manage wildly different clients and deliverables. They are our traffic controllers and we would be hilariously lost without them.

  • Deb Mitchell, Sr. Project Manager
  • Ian Merlak, Project Management Intern

Design & Email

This is where our work starts to come to life. When projects get to our team of 9 graphic designers, words on a page turn into living, breathing brands: with logos and brand books and mock-ups and ads and print materials that make you know (and feel something about) a brand.

You probably know this team best for their engaging display ads and award-winning non-auto website designs, but their range stretches to just about every type of creative imaginable. Never afraid of a new challenge, they have designed everything from billboards, to brochures, to mascot costumes, to restaurant building designs, trade show booths, to zambonis, to lawn signs, to live game shows, to emails (which we strategize, design, code, and deploy every day).

And, oh yeah, these peeps also do all the design for our car dealers’ ongoing marketing services.

  • Sarah Dawson, Art Director
  • Erin Williamson, Creative Design Lead
  • Dave Panizales, Product Design Lead
  • Jose Martinez, Sr. Graphic Designer
  • David Szkodon, Sr. Graphic Designer
  • Michelle Callahan, Graphic Web Designer
  • Deepayan Bose, Graphic Designer
  • Winston Gambro, Graphic Designer
  • Brandi Ross, Jr. Graphic Designer
  • Reann Kwasneski, Graphic Design Intern
  • Shannon Goins, Email Team Lead
  • Stephanie Panfil, Email Marketing Specialist


With a small squad of 7 developers, the LDM web development team is small and mighty! Being both incredibly flexible and agile, it’s their job to tackle entire industries and customizing code, UX, and development strategies to individual client needs. Our developers straddle the fence of front & backend, and are tasked with knowing front-end techniques as well as WordPress inside & out. We build 35+ fully custom websites each year, ranging from tiny $5k mini-sites, to $75k behemoths. We’re currently working on 18 sites in varying industries, with new projects being added every day.

  • Caitlin DiMare-Oliver, VP of Web Development (LDM)
  • Alex Rumsey, Sr. Web Developer
  • Alex Sanabria, Sr. Web Developer
  • Scott Dunham, Web Developer
  • Steve Vorass, Web Developer
  • Mark DiMare, Jr. Web Developer
  • Paige Fischer, LDM Analyst
  • Bert Berousek, LDM Technical SEO


The fact that we have a full-service video production team in-house makes us a unicorn as far creative digital agencies ago. Being able to take concepts from script to screen in-house — with producers, videographers (incl. drone pilots!), editors, and motion designers — is an enormous advantage that is all thanks to our super talented 3-person team. Some jobs require bigger crews, so we’ve also made a lot of long-time freelance partners along the way who we’ve come to rely on (and consider LDM family) over the past six years.

  • Alfredo Castil, Video Team Lead
  • Katlin Kreterfield, Senior Video Editor / MoGraph & VFX Artist
  • Max Bednarski, Video Editor

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