The answer to seemingly every question is in our pocket, just seconds away from finding. From shopping, to current events, to existential questions, we are comfortable asking Google just about anything. Here are some actual questions I asked Google this week:

  • “wine to pair with mac & cheese?”
  • “meaning of turtle dream?”
  • “that movie about kids where one has a cowlick?”

Each search was made on my phone. Think about it: that’s where you make most of your non-work related searches. And, since the way results are displayed on mobile are so different (paid ads take up all the above-the-fold space), you need to have a mobile-specific paid search strategy to make sure you are there when your shoppers have their questions.

So, How Do You Optimize For Mobile Search? Like This.


  • Leverage mobile bid modifiers to secure top positions. Bid adjustments are an excellent way to ensure you are bidding appropriately for each mobile, tablet, and desktop at scale. With It’s important to bid high enough on mobile to be in those top results, without unnecessarily driving up CPC on desktop, too!


  • Enable location extensions for “dealer nearby” ad format. The “dealer nearby” format shows for “Make + Dealer” searches for advertisers who have location extensions enabled, and looks more like an organic Google Places listing than an ad. It includes the name of the dealer (which directs to the website when clicked), a “Directions” CTA button, and a click-to-call button. Simple and actionable for customers, and effective for you.


  • Enable call extensions for click-to-call. This goes without saying, but Track. Those. Phone. Calls. Call leads are a great way to determine the effectiveness of your paid search efforts, and you’ll see them pour through. You can also use dynamic call tracking on your Dealer Inspire site, so that if someone clicks through on your ad instead of calling directly from it, they will be given a unique phone number that lets you track calls from the site as well!


  • Clear CTAs in ad copy. Do the work for your customers. Make it obvious what action you want to take. Is it calling your location? Is it walking in the store? Manage expectations and you’ll see click through rates soar.


  • Mobile-friendly landing pages. You’ve engaged a customer with your snazzy call to action, and they’ve clicked on the ad, but now what? Fast load times, above-the-fold content, and visible CTA buttons are all important to making the visit count. Test how mobile-friendly your website is with this simple-to-use tool from Google!


  • BONUS TIP: Use location bid adjustments to reach nearby customers. We already did a whole case study and fancy video on this tip, so check it out! Spoiler Alert: nearby searchers are more likely to become customers, so focus on immediate territory first!


Let’s Get to Work 🙂

If you need any help getting these mobile search strategies set-up, just shoot me an email at Don’t let your campaigns spend another day without these must-haves!

P.S. These tips were featured in our last Think Bigger Podcast, and they represented about 5% of the automotive digital marketing tips given in that episode. Give it a listen and upgrade your digital skills while you’re at the gym, driving to work, or even sleeping ?.

P.P.S.  In case you missed it on Facebook, here’s me and my Co Team Lead, Buffy Bailey, quizzing two of our paid search specialists on these must-haves.



Meet Cara Garvey

Cara Garvey is the Paid Search Director at LDM. She graduated from Roosevelt University in Chicago with a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications, minors in Spanish and Psychology, and a penchant for Netflix. Cara enjoys spending time with her family and friends, playing with her dogs, and analyzing conversion data (don't judge).