I’m a new employee at Launch. I’m coming from a string of fairly corporate positions. I’ve worked in small cubicles where space is minimal but employees number into the hundreds. Quite quickly, I realized this type of work environment wasn’t for me. I didn’t want to end up like Peter or Samir from Office Space, slaving away my Saturdays to a Bill Lumbergh type villain. I found the answer in Launch Digital Marketing. The atmosphere (and the employees) are anything but miserable here.

To me, the atmosphere at Launch Digital Marketing feels a lot like the dorms I lived in at college. Not in the sense that there’s a box of Franzia in our fridge and we haven’t done our laundry in three months. More in the sense that there’s a solid camaraderie, a constant flux of people from different teams helping each other to solve problems, and all the comforts that go hand in hand officespace_LaunchDigitalMarketingwith a laid back and open environment. In the dorms, I avoided sitting in my room with my nose buried in my books. Instead, eight to ten of us studied together in close quarters, all of us trying to ward off the inevitable loneliness that creeps up on so many college freshmen. These types of group study efforts helped us to utilize the skills of our peers — Launch Digital Marketing takes a similar approach.

At Launch, we sit in fairly close quarters. Working so closely together inadvertently encourages communication; it provides the unintended perk of forced collaboration. The end result is a level of coherence that has been unmatched in my previous positions. Not to mention, we sprawl across the office space to the highest level of comfort possible. We’re not packed together in discomfort, unable to move in our dull cubicles. The office space is laid back and so are the employees. There’s a friendly vibe, which also helps to encourage collaboration. While we might not have a box of Franzia in the fridge, the office is stocked full with other comforts you might expect to find in the dorms: an ever-present stock of Red Bull, beer, and Sriracha.

Meet Megan Miller

Megan Miller is a Digital Media Manager at Launch Digital Marketing. She graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago, where she studied English with a concentration in Media Studies. Megan lives in Chicago and enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with her two cats.