Simply put, NO. At least not according to Google. Google AdWords Express is for merchants/businesses that would like to have a Google AdWords account but simply don’t have the time nor resources to dive into Google Adwords.

Google AdWords vs Adwords Expess
Here’s an email from a Google Employee when our PPC Director asked?

Hi Marc,

You are correct that Adwords Express is a ‘lite’ version of Adwords. It
meant for small business owners, such as local mom and pop restaurants, to
have a quick and easy way to get their business online.

In contrast, dealers that sell more than 50 cars a month should be using
the full Adwords product (i.e., monthly marketing budget greater than
$30K). Inevitably, advertising the different car brands and models
required much more sophistication than a single location restaurant.
Moreover, we do not recommend clients to use Adwords and Adwords Express
because, as you mentioned, your ads will be competing with one another.
Here is a good source that walks through the differences between Google
Places, Adwords Express and Adwords:

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any further questions.


As the link show’s here’s clear comparison Google Places vs Google vs. Google Express:

Difference between Google AdWords and Adwords Express


So, you may be asking yourself why would someone sign up for both Google Adwords and Google Adwords Express? 
I think I have the answer…Because you were told it was a good idea by a Google Express Rep, who is not a Google Employee but a member of a sales force with one goal- to sell Google Adwords Express.

So, do the right thing and use the real Google AdWords. You will get significantly better results and greater ROI. However, if you don’t have either, setting up Google Express is a great option. Just don’t use both despite “expert” advice.

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