Digital marketing has become increasingly more complex over time, and it won’t be getting less complicated anytime soon. With each great idea that takes off, there are more and more ways to target users and more platforms on which to engage them (did you have a Pinterest account 2 years ago?). This is why it’s more important than ever to have well thought out and organized digital campaigns across every touch point with the consumer in order to consistently present cohesively integrated campaigns.
There are so many ways to reach your customers online with pay-per-click, retargeting, email, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, your website, affiliates, blogs, and more. It can be a daunting task to manage all of those activities, and to not only coordinate with your offline campaigns but also to ensure you are not in conflict with those marketing efforts.

Your offline campaigns should support your digital campaigns. Simply mentioning your website or Facebook url in every print or TV ad isn’t enough anymore. You should be communicating the same message across channels, engaging your audience and making them want to interact with you. A well-organized and integrated campaign should subtly leave impressions on your customers as they naturally navigate the web conducting their daily online activities. With a great digital campaign, the consumer should remember you, search for you, and FIND YOU when they want or are ready to buy.

Timing plays an important role in planning any integrated campaign. Understanding the lead times of your online campaigns (and offline channels like direct mail, TV, print, etc., which are significantly longer than your digital campaigns) will help you properly plan each of your coordinated online campaigns to start and stop at the right time (ever see a Memorial Day banner in July?).

When your email deploys, does your website contain a landing page that supports the email, and are your retargeting ads ready when the consumer lands on your website? Is there a PPC campaign in place? Have you optimized your website for the keywords in the campaign so the consumer can find you organically? How far in advance do all these activities need to take place to impact this campaign?

Ultimately you should ask yourself: do you have the right people, tools, systems, and trusted partners in place to stay organized in today’s complicated digital marketing environment? Being able to rely on those around you and taking time to plan and then organize the timing of all of these elements will ensure you’re presenting cohesively integrated campaigns consistently.

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