Tucked away in an inconspicuous corner in downtown Geneva, Illinois lies a place called Bien Trucha. At first glance, Bien Trucha doesn’t look like much. The outside is pale white, and while somewhat modern, the building definitely doesn’t stand out among the swank Geneva eateries. Pretty much the only thing that makes Bien Trucha stand out from the outside is the line of people trying to get in.

Once you step inside, you know you’re someplace special. The wait staff is dressed in modern black shirts and white pants as if they were going to all board a bus to go “clubbing” downtown. The music is loud but vibrant as it sets just the right tone for what is yet to come. Did I mention the place is only about 1000 square feet at most?

The bartender entertaining patrons and serving a small bar of about 12 chairs is making fresh drinks. If you order an iced tea, you will quickly notice it’s pressed with real hibiscus and is beyond refreshing. From the iced tea to the margaritas, everything is made to order fresh from raw products. It’s simply awesome!

It’s odd how even the hour wait seems to pass quickly as you “people watch” and wonder how everyone surrounding you ever heard of Bien Trucha. The music and the freshness of the atmosphere definitely makes up for the lack of space.

The dinner is never lacking. Fresh guacamole mixed with a daily fruit and fresh chips are the same every time — so simple, yet so good. Bien Trucha has yet to disappoint; however, I always think on my way home, “why was it so good?” The food is so simple, balanced with the straightforward yet swanky decor. What makes this place so special and so different than the other restaurants?

Bien Trucha form their website

I found it’s a little more than the food — it’s the people.

Come to think of it, the wait staff are salespeople. Not in the traditional sense, but they paint a pretty picture AND up-sell like crazy. It took a few times to notice the assumption closes and the way the waiters get you to order what they want you to order. Is that wrong? Hell no — it’s great. Far too often I’m staring at a menu as if I’ve never eaten food before. “Hmm, steak tacos with mole sauce…”

Recollecting the first thing the waiter told me during my last visit: “Would you like to taste the best margarita in the U.S.?” He continued, “what about some fresh guacamole? Our fruit of the day is fresh mango.”

I can’t imagine he gets many “no thank you’s,” and I’m sure if you had an objection he would find a suitable alternative very quickly. After all, the best margarita in the U.S.? Even non-drinkers would have a hard time not feeling the temptation.

So is it the product? Yes! You need a good product, BUT it’s the people that really accentuate the product and showcase its features and benefits.

This is not really much different than what we strive to do, or what our clients aim for with their customers. It just goes to show that a good product can create a business, but people are the only ones that can make it a success.

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