Email ExampleThe first time I wrote about effective email marketing, it was with some helpful tips on how to get people to open your emails. Now that you’ve mastered step 1, you’re probably wondering about step 2: “How do I get people to click through to my site?”

Many people have asked me this question over the last few months. I’ve been looking at past campaigns and tracking stats, and one thing stands out the most… videos. That’s right, nothing like a quick informational video in your email to engage people to click through to your site or content.

Effective Email Marketing :: Getting The Click-Through With Video

Now with the world of digital advertising evolving every day, it was only a matter of time before we’d be able to embed full playing videos into email – but that isn’t the strategy here. Videos act as excellent calls to action. Out of the campaigns I’ve run, consumers are clicking on the videos 7-10 times more than any other link — incredible!

To drive people to the determined site however, I actually just create an image that looks like the video in my email campaign rather than embedding the video itself. That way, I can entice readers to click on what they think is an actual video, but instead bring them to the site where the video can be viewed. This helps site traffic immensely — once they’ve watched the video, they’re already on your site ready to look at any and all of the other cool things that you’re offering! (including a call to action!)

Now remember, when you create the image of the video, think of it like any other call to action in your campaign. You want the video to be clicked on! Use UTM parameters to track your email traffic and see whether or not users are performing your intended actions.

It’s just that simple… Hopefully, this has helped you, and now you can continue creating awesome email campaigns to drive people to your site!

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Nick Wittenrood is in charge of the email department at Launch and is always looking for ways to improve his knowledge of the digital marketing industry.