Welcome episode four of the Think Bigger Podcast where it’s our goal to help car dealers upgrade their automotive digital marketing game. Today I’m being joined by Brent Wees, Director of First Impressions at NextUp, and we’ll be talking about whether you as a car dealer should market specifically to millennials.


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I first caught Brent’s presentation, Marketing to Millennials is for Suckers at the 2016 DrivingSales Executive Summit and was quite impressed with his message. So when I found out Brent would be visiting us here in the Launch Digital Marketing offices to give the same talk to our team, I invited him to be on the podcast to talk about marketing to millennials in depth.

During the interview, I mixed in some of Brent’s live presentation along with further discussion to help car dealers understand what they can do when faced with the prospect of making age-based marketing decisions.

Enjoy The Show!

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Big Tip of the Week: Introducing Snapcodes for Website URLs

For today’s tip of the week, I’m being joined by Katie Garrity, Social Media Manager right here at Launch Digital Marketing.

Katie is dropping by to let you know about the new Snapcodes for URLs feature that Snapchat recently rolled out (without much fanfare), and how you in the dealership can use the new functionality today!

If you use Snapchat, you already know that they implemented Snapcodes for profiles about a year ago. But now with this new feature, Snapchat is letting you generate Snapcodes for website URLs too! This is Snapchat’s first effort at creating a link based experience with the app, and we’re already thinking of some cool ways you can use this new feature at your dealership.

Ready to make some Snapcodes to use on your point of sale material or even for the vehicles in your showroom? Here’s how you can make it happen!

  1. Open your Snapchat app, and tap the settings gear on your profile screen.
  2. Tap the Snapcodes item from the settings menu.
  3. Tap the Create Snapcode menu item.
  4. Enter the URL you want your Snapcode to link to.
  5. Tap the ghost to add an image to your Snapcode (optional, but recommended).
  6. Save the Snapcode to your camera roll.


How to create a Snapcode from a URL


Pro-Tip: Once your Snapcode is saved, go to https://scan.snapchat.com/ and you can download a hi-res, print ready version of your Snapcode. You can also use the link above to generate Snapcodes using your computer’s web browser if you don’t feel like using the actual Snapchat app.


Big Thinker of the Week: Brent Wees
Jason Stum and Brent Wees at DSES2016

Brent tells Jason why marketing to millennials is for suckers.

Based off his premise that Marketing to Millennials is for Suckers, Brent and I sat down to talk through his thought process on the matter and why you need to understand the myths surrounding the so-called uniqueness of millennials.

Listen to the episode to discover:

  • How the uniqueness of youth has been a source of consternation for hundreds of years.
  • Are Millennials really that different from the Gen-X or Boomer generations?
  • Is the idea that Millennials need to be marketed to differently just a crisis-based message?
  • How the media influences age-based marketing.
  • Is technology the difference maker when it comes to Millennials?
  • Some eye-opening stats that show how tech adoption is consistent amongst the generations.
  • Transparency, Integrity, Passion & Trust. Traits only Millennials care about, or simply the pillars of good business that apply to everyone?
  • How you can use your own data to make educated marketing decisions for your customers.

To truly pick up what Brent is putting down, I highly encourage you to listen to the full episode. There’s plenty more content waiting for you that you can use TODAY!


Big Question of the Week
Eric Dumlao Launch Digital Marketing

Eric Dumlao getting ready to share his expertise with our anonymous caller.

It seems our anonymous caller is becoming a regular presence here on the Think Bigger Podcast. He’s back again for this episode with another question for one of our experts to answer.

BIG QUESTION: I’ve noticed in Google Analytics that my Average Session Duration and Pages Per Session metrics have gone down YoY. Does this mean something is messed up with my website, what’s going on?!

Luckily I have Eric Dumlao, Account Supervisor at LDM, here on the scene to answer our caller’s question. Eric is quick to point out that you don’t necessarily have to worry if these stats are down. Here’s what you can do to gain some insight into what’s happening on your website.

  • In Google Analytics, look at just your mobile traffic. Remember, the intent of someone who is on your website using a smartphone can be different than someone using a computer.
  • A session where a user quickly finds what they need on the homepage (like your phone number) is just as valuable as someone who looks at 10 VDP’s and spends seven minutes on your site.
  • A modern website should make the information a user wants easily accessible. The quicker the user can get the info they need, the fewer pages they’ll visit, and the less amount of time they’ll spend on your website.
  • For example, it takes half as many clicks to get to a VDP page on a Dealer Inspire website as it does on some other well known automotive web platforms.
  • When looking at any KPI in Google Analytics, it’s important to look at the context behind that number as opposed to the number by itself.


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Jason is the Director of Strategy at Launch Digital Marketing, resident blogger and host of the Think Bigger Podcast. Having previously held dealership roles in Sales, Internet Management, Business Development and Digital Marketing, Jason uses his dealership experience to help clients develop, implement and maintain effective digital marketing strategies.