Episode eight of the Think Bigger Podcast is dedicated to the memory of AJ Maida. On this episode of the show I’m being joined by Joe Webb, President of DealerKnows Consulting and we’ll be talking about the importance of doing good for others and how it can enrich your own life.


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Joe’s held just about every role inside the dealership from Internet Sales, BDC and Marketing to Sales Management, Finance and Closer Extraordinaire! Then back in 2008, Joe heard the calling to help other car dealers find their way in the ever changing automotive retail world, and founded DealerKnows Consulting.

With Joe’s experience and expertise, you’d think that we’d be talking about BDC processes, or how to create engaging videos – but we’re actually here to talk about one important thing that supersedes processes and tactics: being a genuinely good person.

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Big Thinker of the Week: Joe Webb
Joe Webb & Jason Stum on the Think Bigger Podcast

Joe and Jason discuss topic ideas for the Think Bigger Podcast

If you ever watched the show My Name Is Earl, then you know that the lead character, Earl, started living his life by the simple mantra, “do good things and good things happen”. I think that’s a great way to sum up this episode. Being able to look outward from ourselves and find ways to be genuinely helpful to others not only enriches the lives of others, but the positive effect it has on your own well being is undeniable.

During my interview with Joe, we’ll talk about:

  • Why exuding kindness is essential to personal and professional growth.
  • Why Joe feels the element of care isn’t something that’s promoted strongly enough in our industry (and how to fix it).
  • Judging people on metrics vs. how they make others feel.
  • How Joe’s drive to do good deeds impacted his entrepreneurial spirit.
  • The importance of Kindness, Generosity, Respect and Care in business and in life.
  • How the way you communicate with your customers plays a role in how much you enjoy what you do.
  • How the simple act of doing something nice for someone else can lift your spirits.
  • Towards the end of our interview, I tell Joe how much I enjoyed one of his recent videos, Know Your Inventory. You can check it out here.

This really is just a small sample of the conversation that Joe and I had. If you haven’t already begun to listen to the episode, fire it up right now. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Big Tip of the Week: Donate Life America

Normally for our Tip of the Week segment, I bring on a teammate from Launch Digital Marketing or Dealer Inspire to share an actionable tip with the listening audience. But keeping with the theme of this show, I wanted to talk about something different, and something that can make a difference.

Donate Life America

Learn more about becoming an organ and tissue donor at https://www.donatelife.net/

AJ was a supporter of many charitable organizations, including Donate Life America. Their mission is to maximize the number of organs, eyes and tissue available to save and heal lives through transplantation while developing a culture where donation is embraced as a fundamental human responsibility.

If there’s one last take away from this episode, I highly encourage you to visit Donate Life America’s website and learn more about how organ and tissue donation can save lives. And if you’re not already a registered organ donor, please consider becoming one today. It’s quick and easy and the process can completed online.


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Meet Jason Stum

Jason is the Director of Strategy at Launch Digital Marketing, resident blogger and host of the Think Bigger Podcast. Having previously held dealership roles in Sales, Internet Management, Business Development and Digital Marketing, Jason uses his dealership experience to help clients develop, implement and maintain effective digital marketing strategies.