On episode ten of the Think Bigger Podcast, I’m being joined by Ryan Gerardi and Chris K. Leslie. On today’s show, Ryan, Chris and I are going to shine the light on some automotive digital marketing related resources that you may not be aware of.


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With almost 25 years of automotive industry experience between them, I was honored to spend some quality time with Ryan and Chris to talk about some of the biggest challenges automotive digital marketers face today. In order to meet these challenges head on, one needs to utilize all the resources that are available to them.

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Big Tip of the Week: Feed Your Mind with Feedly 

When I was interviewing Ryan and Chris we talked a little bit about Feedly, an app that helps you compile news feeds from a variety of online sources. While Chris and I actively use Feedly, Ryan had never heard of it which made me think it would make for an excellent tip of the week!


Organize content that’s important to you with Feedly.

Once you have Feedly setup, you’ll always be on top of the latest automotive and digital marketing trends. Here’s a taste of what you can do with Feedly:

  • Add the RSS feeds of all of your favorite industry blogs and websites.
  • Monitor mentions of your brand by plugging in Google Alerts.
  • Crunch through more content in less time by organizing your sources into easy-to-read feeds.
  • See new videos from the YouTube channels you follow – in the same place you read the rest of your news.
  • Easily share your favorite new content to Facebook & Twitter.

Plus, the best part about Feedly is that it’s free! I’ve been a free user for over three years now, and Feedly is the first thing I fire up each and every morning. Give it a try yourself today!


Ryan Gerardi and Chris K. Leslie

Ryan (bottom) and Chris (top) being interviewed on the Think Bigger Podcast

Big Thinkers of the Week: Ryan Gerardi & Chris K. Leslie

Ryan lives in Naperville, IL where his children live and where he owns and operates his own business, AutoConversion.

He got started in automotive retail back in 2001 at a then little-known software company near Philadelphia called HomeNet where he worked with thousands of dealers over the years with online vehicle merchandising.

From 2007 to 2015 Ryan provided Digital Marketing services for dealers through his company AutoConversion, and today Ryan concentrates on Automotive B2B Sales and marketing strategies through a unique strategic alliance with DealerRefresh – one of the most frequented online communities in the automotive retail business.

Chris lives in Las Vegas and is the Digital Marketing Director for the Heinrich Auto Group.

He has been in the car business for over 10 years and is a regular contributor to the automotive community on sites like DrivingSales, DealerRefresh and the MarketPunch Mastermind Group.

In addition to being a family man and fitness nerd he’s found another new passion in podcasting launching two new shows in the past year. No Parking a show about ideas and In The Mix a show about Automotive, Tech and marketing.

On this episode of the Think Bigger Podcast, here are just a few of the things that Ryan & Chris will be chatting with Jason about:

  • How to keep up with the ever changing world of digital marketing.
  • What are the biggest marketing challenges a dealership faces today.

Be sure to listen to the entire episode so you don’t miss out on any of the helpful resources, tips and ideas that Ryan and Chris share!


Big Question of the Week

Today’s question in need of an expert answer comes courtesy of…well…our Anonymous Caller. Let’s see what he has to say this time around…

BIG QUESTION: Hey Jason, I’ve started to notice that you pick my question for every single podcast, and I’m starting to feel self conscious about it. Am I the only one who’s looking to upgrade their automotive digital marketing game? Maybe you can offer listeners some swag as a reward for asking you a question. Whatchya think?!

Well this is awkward. When we were finalizing the format for the Think Bigger Podcast, I thought it would be awesome to include a segment where our in-house subject matter experts answered questions submitted by the audience. Everyone agreed, and ever since episode one, we’ve had an “Ask an Expert” segment that airs right after the guest interview.

I knew we weren’t going to get any questions right away (being a brand new podcast and all) so we started off by having an “anonymous caller” ask questions that our team most often gets. Don’t get me wrong, the segment has been pretty entertaining, but here we are at episode 10 and we still haven’t had a single person submit a question for us to answer.

Which makes me sad.

The episodes of the Think Bigger Podcast have been downloaded over 2,000 times, so I know there are people listening out there. I also know that at least a handful of you probably do have questions that you’d like answered. So in an effort to stimulate this segment, I’m prepared to bribe you to submit your Q’s that need A’s.

So here’s the deal folks, I’ll personally send a box full of swag to anyone who submits a digital marketing question for us to answer on the Think Bigger Podcast. All you have to do is tweet your question to me @JasonStum or email it to jstum@launchdigitalmarketing.com. It’s a simple as that!


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Meet Jason Stum

Jason is the Director of Strategy at Launch Digital Marketing, resident blogger and host of the Think Bigger Podcast. Having previously held dealership roles in Sales, Internet Management, Business Development and Digital Marketing, Jason uses his dealership experience to help clients develop, implement and maintain effective digital marketing strategies.