On episode eleven of the Think Bigger Podcast, I’m being joined by Shawn “Kid Flash” Hubbard, Aaron “Sonic” Olin and Tom “Quicksilver” Krush. Together they make up the Pagespeed Team at Dealer Inspire and they’ll be joining me on the show to talk about what Pagespeed really is and why it matters for your users and your dealership.


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Starting with this very episode of the Think Bigger Podcast, we’ll be dedicating the next eight episodes to breaking-down Google’s Dealer Playbook. For those who may not know, Google introduced this playbook at Digital Dealer 23 and its main goal is to inform car dealers how they can most effectively use Google’s products to drive their business forward.

As we take this journey, we’ll be showing you how YOU can upgrade your paid search strategies, video and display advertising, measurement and attribution models and so much more. But before we can talk about any of that we have to start by addressing the foundation to it all – your dealership’s website.

You see, if your website isn’t prepared to handle the traffic that your marketing and advertising generates, then you aren’t spending those dollars effectively. In their playbook, Google identifies pagespeed as a core fundamental to understand and that’s where we’re going to start.

The goal of this episode is to breakdown what Google’s Pagespeed Insight tool measures, the info it gives you and what youcan do to help improve your website’s pagespeed today.


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Introducing Think Bigger: LIVE!

Because we’re taking an ongoing look at Google’s Dealer Playbook, we wanted to do something special to help bring that information to light. So in addition to covering the playbook on this podcast, we’re also launching a new mini-series titled Think Bigger: LIVE!

Starting on Wednesday, September 20th, we’ll be going live on Facebook every other week or so to discuss the playbook in detail. The live session is a shorter, more condensed version of the companion podcast episode. We know not everyone has a lot of time during the day, so we’re keeping the live sessions to about 20-30 minutes in length. This also gives us the benefit of sharing some more visual materials to go along with what we’re talking about.

Then, if you catch the live stream and want to dig deeper, you can tune in to the podcast for better understanding of the subject matter.

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Big Thinkers of the Week: Shawn Hubbard, Tom Krush & Aaron Olin

Shawn, Tom and Aaron, aka The Page Speedsters, are a subset of the DI Features Team. The team’s goal is to improve the frontend speed of the Dealer Inspire platform by addressing many types of performance issues (both internal and external).

Here are just a few topics we’ll cover during the show:

  • How you can use the results to improve the speed of your website.
  • Why a 100/100 score isn’t something that’s possible, or even something you should strive for.
  • How big brands like Amazon & Ford score on the test (the answer may shock you!)
  • Defining the terms: unminified javascript, render blocking CSS and browser caching.
  • What YOU can do to directly impact how fast your website loads.
  • Google PageSpeed Insights vs. Test My Site by Think With Google
  • How to tell if your web provider is trying to fool the PageSpeed Insights tool.

Be sure to listen to the entire episode so you don’t miss out on any of the helpful info that Shawn, Tom and Aaron share!


Big Question of the Week

Today’s question in need of an expert answer comes courtesy of Travis Scheaffer, eCommerce Director for the AutoCenters Dealer Group. Travis asks…

BIG QUESTION: Hey Jason, what are your thoughts on implementing a squeeze page on your website for customers to enter their information before they view your inventory? I have heard mixed opinions. On one end advocates praise the high lead counts, and better conversion rates. On the other end criticisms range from lack of transparency, possible negative impacts on SEO, and flat out annoyances to the customer. What say you?

Listen to the episode to hear our expert Performance Managers, Jim Bell and Celia Nip, address Travis’ question about squeeze pages. You might be surprised at what they have to say.

Do you have an automotive digital marketing question you’d like answered? All you have to do is tweet your question to me @JasonStum or email it to jstum@launchdigitalmarketing.com and I’ll have one of our in-house subject matter experts answer your question for you! Don’t forget, everyone who submits a question that we answer in an episode will get a swag box for the effort!


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