The long awaited Google Dealer Playbook was officially released on September 18th, 2017 at the Digital Dealer Conference in Las Vegas. This playbook is filled with insights directly from Google on how car dealerships should structure their paid search campaigns and targeting to maximize online and in-store return, with strategy recommendations spanning the Google search, display, video and measurement platforms.

It came as no surprise that our strategy here at LDM lines up very closely with Google’s recommendations. We constantly test against ourselves to ensure our accounts are at peak performance, to provide our clients with the best return on their investment. With the digital landscape ever changing, the best strategy from six months ago might not still be the best option. However, we have found time and again, some core truths that provide strong account performance.

  • Focus on your core, low-funnel terms first. These searchers are ready to buy, they just need to decide where they’re going. Ever seen the conversion rate on a competitor’s campaign for a dealership that isn’t protecting their name? You may think they’ll keep scrolling until they find you – but I wouldn’t count on it. These terms will include your name, dealer & location searches, to name a few. Missing these searchers is like missing the last step on a staircase- they might still make it to your dealership, but chances are they’ll fall into someone else’s lap.
  • Protect your own backyard to see how your leads are impacted by distance, check out our blog here.
  • Optimize for mobile. With mobile traffic increasing significantly year over year, don’t play roulette with your leads. Maintain a strong mobile presence in the results so you don’t miss out on valuable traffic, and make sure your website is fast-loading and easy to navigate on a mobile phone.
  • Track the actions that matter. Form submissions, phone calls, questions through chat – all of these help you begin to build a relationship with your customer. VDP views are the archaic dinosaur that keeps showing up to the party – they aren’t providing you with additional information or insight about your customer, especially if you ads are directing to a VDP / VRP.


Breaking Down Google’s Dealer Playbook….LIVE!

Beginning on September 20th, join us LIVE on Facebook for a more in-depth discussion of Google’s Dealer Playbook. Director of Strategy and host, Jason Stum, will be joined by subject matter experts from Launch Digital Marketing and Dealer Inspire to breakdown each section of the playbook giving you actionable insights that you can use to upgrade your digital marketing game today!

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Here’s the schedule and subjects we’ll be covering in this new series:
Wednesday, September 20th: Site Speed & Experience on the Dealer Inspire Platform
An expert explanation of what pagespeed is and why it’s important to understand.

Wednesday, October 4th: LIVE FROM GOOGLE NYC at Dealer Inspire & LDM’s Rethink V3!
Your questions answered live by subject matter experts from LDM, DI & Google!


Wednesday, October 18th: Google Measurement with our Analytics Experts
Learn best practices for tracking PPC success in AdWords & Analytics.


Wednesday, November 1: Paid Search Basics & Paid Search Excellence
Foundational & advanced strategies to get the most out of your core AdWords campaigns.


Wednesday, November 15th: Video & Display Basics
Extend your reach with segmented video & display campaigns!


Wednesday, November 29th: Paid Search Expansion
Bring your new and used inventory to market with our dynamic advertising FUEL platform!


Wednesday, December 13th: Video & Display Expansion
Capture your audience’s attention with custom content and creative!


Wednesday, January 3rd:  Maximize Measurement, AI & the Future
Connect online to store with advanced measurement in Dealer Inspire’s ROI Dashboard and Roxanne attribution modeling!


If you can’t catch us live, head to the Facebook Page for Launch Digital Marketing or check back on this blog post for a replay of each live session. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Meet Cara Garvey

Cara Garvey is the Paid Search Director at LDM. She graduated from Roosevelt University in Chicago with a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications, minors in Spanish and Psychology, and a penchant for Netflix. Cara enjoys spending time with her family and friends, playing with her dogs, and analyzing conversion data (don't judge).