What is TubeMogul?

TubeMogul is a self-serving software platform that provides brands with the ability to plan, buy, measure, and optimize global digital video spend. The TubeMogul mission is “to make brand advertising as simple and accountable as paid search” and they have succeeded in doing this in their short 9 years. With the help of their vast targeting tools, advertisers are able to focus on consumers who not only want to watch their videos but also want to watch them for longer!

What does TubeMogul have to offer?

So what makes TubeMogul different from the competition? One reason is that TubeMogul provides video buying options across TONS of different formats. For Pre-Roll specifically, I personally love that TubeMogul provides inventory outside of Google. Not only does it provide the opportunity to reach as many eyeballs as possible, but it’s also really interesting to analyze how particular video ads perform on non-Google inventory vs Google inventory. The rest of TubeMogul’s video buying formats include:

  • Pre-Roll Marketplace
  • Mobile Marketplace
  • Social Video Marketplace
  • Connected TV Marketplace
  • Display Marketplace
  • Programmatic Direct
Tube Mogul

Secondly, TubeMogul only partners with premium and transparent inventory sources including direct publishers and private networks. This is EXTREMELY comforting because advertisers are only required to pay when someone chooses to watch their video. TubeMogul also provides 100% transparency in their platform—advertisers know exactly which sites their ads are running on, how their ads are performing, if the ads are actually being seen and who is watching.

What makes TubeMogul unique?

TubeMogul CPM ChartBesides their vast number of video buying formats, TubeMogul provides the ability to buy video inventory in real-time across all devices, in multiple formats on one platform with ad serving, targeting, optimization and brand measurement. Therefore simplifying the process of video advertising while maximizing every dollar spent!

Secondly, TubeMogul is able to provide the same sites but different costs as other exchanges. By utilizing the Open RTB (Real-Time Bidding) Marketplace, TubeMogul is able to lower effective CPMs for identical sites. The ability to get your video ads on the sites you want for a cheaper price…what’s not to love?! This chart demonstrates the lower effective CPMs that advertisers are able to receive with TubeMogul vs buying direct.

Overall, TubeMogul’s multitude of unique offerings and innovative technology proves it to be much more than a platform. While precisely targeting customers in the purchase funnel, offering several video buying formats, and providing cost effective ways to appear on sites that advertisers are seeking; TubeMogul proves itself to be great software to make brand advertising simple and effective.

Meet Megan Schoch

Megan is a Paid Search Specialist with Launch Digital Marketing. She graduated from Lebanon Valley College in Pennsylvania, where she studied Digital Communications. Megan lives in Naperville and enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, and playing volleyball.