Websites are soooooo high maintenance, you know? With all the design, hosting, and optimization, there’s always SOMETHING demanding attention. But thankfully, performing a website audit scopes out underlying issues that may be causing problems, helping your website stay healthy and profitable. Let’s dive into what is a website audit and whether or not you need one!

Website Audit Basics

Your website may look fancy, but if it’s not rocking a sound architecture, its good looks will only take it so far. A website audit examines the technical performance and structure of your site, looking for areas of improvement across the board. You’ll dig deep into your site’s:

  • Overall performance
  • Traffic
  • User experience
  • Conversion rates
  • Functionality
  • Page speed
  • SEO
  • And more

Due to the thorough nature and attention to detail required, website audits take a minimum of two weeks to complete. You’ll be evaluated for both desktop and mobile, ensuring everything is on the up and up across the board. Performing this audit will point to concrete answers for questions you may already be asking yourself, including:

  • Why isn’t my website getting more traffic?
  • Where are my customers getting stuck?
  • What can I do to help my business grow?

Working with a digital marketing agency will help you solve these problems and more!

What happens after an audit?

Ideally, your performance manager will present your website audit findings in a handy dandy report, making strategic recommendations on areas for improvement. This could include anything from simple shifts in SEO to major backend restructuring, repairing the gaps, holes, and old techniques that are costing you business everyday. You’ll get the most out of the experience by openly sharing your business goals and ongoing marketing plans.

While reworking your digital presence may seem overwhelming, consider the alternative: websites that never revisit their architecture will continue to slip in the SERPs, making it harder and harder to:

  • Get found
  • Get leads
  • Make money

Your website is your best marketing tool, so investing in its ongoing health is a vital expense.

How often do I need a website audit?

Just like your car needs routine maintenance, your website needs regular tune ups to stay functional. Search engines are always tweaking their algorithms and best practice recommendations, meaning it doesn’t take long to become outdated.

At LDM, we recommend performing website audits once a year to continually stay on top of what’s changed and what’s ahead.

That being said, if your website is more than three years old, it’s time to consider a total website update or redesign. Luckily, LDM is here to help!

Perform a Website Audit with LDM

Give your website the beauty and brains it deserves with a full website audit! The LDM team offers three different website audit packages to give you the level of digital strategy review you need, and we’re ready to get nerdy and turn your weaknesses into strengths! Contact us to get started!


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