Panda, Penguin and now the Knowledge Graph? What? If it were my full time job to keep up with these guys (it kind of is) then I would be wondering what’s next? Truth be told the Google Knowledge graph is nothing like the Panda or Google’s Penguin update. In fact, it’s a way to understand users by tying in relationships unlike anything we’ve seen.

The example the Wall Street Journal uses is the search phrase “kings”. Currently, if you search that phrase, at least where I’m sitting you will get results like below:

Searching the Google Knowledge Graph example

Well….what if you wanted to research the King George III of England. Immediately you would agree that Google’s answer is heading down the wrong path.

Meet Google Knowledge Graph.

Once rolled out the user, like me, would have a choice to the right of the regular results giving the option to head down an alternative path with ANSWERS not links.

According to the WSJ, “Using the new feature, Google will be able to figure out which “Kings” users mean by giving them some options, and then presenting them with a box on the right of search results with related photos and other data.”

This is expected to create a more personal and fun experience for the user. Is it a game changer for SEO’s and optimizers? I would say NO in that a good SEO always wants to provide the best content and best answer…Is there a better way to show up in the SERPS?

Check out this video below:


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