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I started my digital marketing career as a content writer for Launch Digital Marketing. Several months and two promotions later, I am currently an account manager in charge of 11 different accounts. When I started in this role, I had some idea of what it would be like and what the duties would entail; however, there have been many times when I have been completely blown away by my job! Coming from the writing position, I had no client contact at all — but within weeks of my hiring as an account manager, I was in front of clients explaining our strategy and planning for the future.

 Getting Facetime with The Clients

The first thing to understand when acting as an account manager is that you become the face of the company. Although a client may have met other members of the Launch team, as the account manager I become the everyday face and contact that they work with. This can be especially challenging when working in a digital capacity with clients across the United States. However, upon meeting a client in person, understanding their personality, and developing a more personal rapport, the job can and will become much easier.


It also becomes easier and more fun when you have energetic and enjoyable clients. Watching baselines climb and client sales increase accordingly is a great feeling. One notable accomplishment of the Launch team was helping a client of mine run a three-day flash sale. There were over 20 moving parts to this process, and being an account manager, I had to keep an eye on all of them to make sure everything made it to the right place. Having a client tell you how pleased they are with the end result of such a project provides a great sense of accomplishment.

Another thing to expect while being an account manager is to spend a lot of time on the phone and in online meetings. You’ll get a chance to really hone and develop your communication skills, whether it’s in the process of building a solid and coherent strategy with a client or relaying various successes, glitches, and mishaps. Sometimes mistakes are made, projects don’t work as planned, or consumers are just not searching for your products that month — communicating these issues with clients can be challenging. However, clients typically understand that things don’t always work exactly as intended 100% of the time, and these instances are when having a great rapport is incredibly important.

 Teamwork Is What Keeps The Clients Happy

The final thing that you can expect from being an account manager (or any job at a business that is going places) is that you will work late into the night — a lot. However, what makes working at Launch wonderful are the coworkers. I work with a great team that is intelligent, quick to learn, and makes every day fun. The three-day flash sale I mentioned earlier would not have been possible without the team at work behind me or any account manager. Although I may be the face of Launch Digital Marketing for my clients, nothing could be accomplished without the hard work that every person puts in. An account manager is only as good as the team behind him/her.

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